Grand Cape Mount trains contact tracers

The Grand Cape Mount County Health Team with support from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and other partners over the weekend concluded the training of over 200 residents to conduct Ebola contact tracing and active case search in the county.

The training was held in Bamballa Town, Porkpa District in Grand Cape Mount County.

Grand Cape Mount County Epi-Surveillance Officer, Samuel K. Zayzay, said Porkpa District is one of those places that were seriously hit by the deadly Ebola virus in the county. “This is why the local authorities in collaboration with UNFPA and partners decided to train district staff as contact tracers,” he said.

Mr. Zayzay said that after the two days training, the participants will be deployed to their various communities to buttress the Government’s effort in stopping the deadly Ebola virus from spreading in Grand Cape Mount.

He pointed out that it was important to train citizens of the County to keep watch and report suspected cases.

The Grand Cape Mount County Epi-Surveillance Officer said that the county, which was once considered as the epic-center of the virus, now only has two cases in the Ebola Treatment Unit or ETU; one confirmed case and one suspected case.

He noted that the training was necessary to empower the citizens with knowledge that would enable them report any new suspected cases within their communities.

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