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Grand Gedeans Expressed Concerns

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Grand Gedeans have expressed disappointment in both security agencies and news media working in the county about how they relay information to their headquarters of events there.

According to our correspondent, the locals have accused both bodies of exacerbating situation or misrepresentation of facts (information) about happenings in the county.

They told this paper that the recent discovery of abandoned 385 ammunitions (round) in the forest between Liberia and Ivory Coast, about 10 kilometers north of Toe Town was over stated.

The locals said the ammunitions were left in the forest by the then loyal forces to former Ivoirian President Laurent Gbagbo during the course of the Ivorian conflict, which has spillover affect on Liberia, creating thousands of refugees.

“Those loyalists retreated at the Liberian border town of B’hai Jozon, where they wanted to have surrendered to the border guards (security forces) but abandoned such plan and fled back in the bushes,” a resident of B’hai Jozon Town said.

While another one said agents of state security working in the county always send false information to their central offices about the county and its people, which do not augur well for national reconciliation and peace building process in the country.

“People just belief that Grand Gedeans are just troublemakers therefore; they must associate them with all negative things happening in the country. But let it be known that Grand Gedeans are Liberians whether or not, you like or not,” said an elder.

Last week, state security reported the discovery of huge cache of ammunitions in Grand Gedeh.

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