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Grand Gedeans summoned Weah

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn Liberia

The political leader of the Congress for Democratic Change or CDC has been summoned by the people of Grand Gedeh County to explain occurrences leading to the suspension of party Chairman George Solo for two years.

According to the Grand Gedeans, the meeting with Ambassador George Weah will be held in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County with the anticipation that all Grand Gedeans- both in the county and outside, will be in attendance.

At a mass meeting of Grand Gedean youths, women groups and university student associations from the eight (8) administrative districts of the county, along with the county’s elder council held last weekend in Zwedru, a an unanimous decision was reached for the CDC Political Leader to discuss with citizens of the county reason(s) for such manner and form Mr. Solo- their son, was treated.

Speaking to reporters following his return from the county, the Chairman of the Zwedru conference, Mr. Alexander Bailey expressed disappointment about the current political tensions within the CDC resulting to the brutalization of some partisans perceived to be loyalists of embattled Chairman George Solo.

Mr. Bailey quoted Grand Gedeans as admonishing Ambassador George Weah to take advantage of such window of opportunity to proceed to Grand Gedeh for the discussions as a means of harnessing an amicable solution to the party’s current crisis.

“The county, which has overwhelming supported the CDC over the years, is disappointed with the current political row between the Political Leader of the party, Ambassador George Weah and National Chairman, Mr. George Solo-also a son of the county, “Mr. Bailey said, further urging Ambassador Weah to demonstrate a national leadership in reconciling the party and healing the wounds sustained by the country suffer 14 years of bitter civil conflict.

He expressed fear about doubts now being harboured by the people of and Grand Gedeh County in the ability of the CDC to govern the county, emphasizing the urgency for George Weah to act now because time was running out. Mr. Bailey also commended the county’s Ebola task force for its dedication in minimizing the threat of the deadly Ebola virus in the county.

He noted that while the meeting discussed the current political tensions within the CDC,  its primarily objective focused on the role of Grand Gedeans in the ongoing Ebola crisis, stressing that the urgent need for Gedeans to unite and support the county’s task force against the disease  with full commitment was of foremost priority.

The participants further admonished Grand Gedeans to develop a common strategy to protect its long term social, political and economic interests, warning citizens against allowing  other interests to super cede their collective interests.

At the close of the meeting, the participants commended the Grand Gedeh Legislative Caucus, Ebola Task Force and international partners, including, UNMIL, for their contributions to the fight against the deadly Ebola Virus in the county.

They appealed to friends of the county for needed logistical and financial support to prevent or eradicate the disease from the county. They also urged all Grand Gedeans to adhere to the preventive measures publicly prescribed by health workers.

Grand Gedeh County continues to be a political stronghold of the CDC since its formation as a political party in 2004. The county gave the CDC highest votes both in the 2005 and 2011 presidential elections.

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