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Greaves’ last activities at RLJ

More details surrounding the last activities of former Liberian Petroleum Refining Company or LPRC Managing Director Mr. Harry Greaves are beginning to emerge as investigators dig in, three days after he was discovered lying dead on a beach behind the Executive Mansion Ground.

Mr. Greaves had left his house on Thursday January 28, 2016 after he had finally agreed to sign a protracted two years divorce paper filed by his widow Precious Andrews Greaves to find a temporary shelter to move in. He did not returned for his belongings, family sources say.

On Friday afternoon at about 2:30 PM, Mr. Greaves entered the RLJ Kendeja Resort Hotel, with a bag hanging on his back, as he instructed his driver to wait for him in the hotel’s parking lot. As he was entering the hotel, unknown of his whereabouts and activities, his wife, Mrs. Greaves had called on his family members to come and collect his (Mr. Greaves) things from their Airfield residence, constructed by the father of Precious Andrews Greaves-G. Henry Andrews, a former Information Minister and Chairman of the Elections Commission that brought jailed ex-President Charles Taylor to power.

A cash receipt shows that the late Greaves bought two scoops of ice screams around 3:07 P.M. at the hotel and walked away from the counter. He was later seen by a surfer doing a beach walk from the RLJ’s Hotel Resort towards the Cooper’s Beach in shorts and a T-shirt around 4 PM, this paper learnt.

At around 6 PM, while sitting under one of the palaver huts within the RLJ Hotel premises, Mr. Greaves still in his beach wear with his clothes and the back bag containing his laptop and documents was informed that the beach would be closing, one closed family source narrated.

By 10 PM, Greaves whereabouts became unknown as only his clothes and laptop bag could be seen under the very palaver hut he had sat before being informed by the hotel management that it was about to close beach activities there.

“By 10 PM, they discovered his computer, the bag containing his documents, but did not find him,” the family source went on. By around 12:30 AM on Saturday morning, the driver had called Mrs. Greaves informing her of what was unfolding at the hotel.

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Mrs. Greaves first thought, according to our family source was that her extreme husband may have been locked up in one of the rooms with a concubine. But that thought changed after she had not heard from him up to Saturday evening.

It was at this point she began to call friends and other associates informing them about her fears that she had not heard from Mr. Greaves since he was last heard of at the hotel. Whatever Mrs. Greaves fears were, the unfortunate happened, her husband had been discovered dead and was now lying on a beach the following day, which was on Sunday January 3, 2016.

The body of Mr. Greaves was beyond recognition. Both hands had peeling marks on them, his face disfigured-it’s like acid water was poured on him, another family source said. His wife, the source continued, said she only recognized him by the gold fitting in his teeth. An initial “IN” was encrypted on his chest, while his rectum was swollen. Greaves, death comes months after he had taken his U.S. citizenship oath.

By Othello B. Garblah

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