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Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change Effects

Global warming is one of man’s greatest challenges in this age of industrialization and development. Scientific findings and predictions about the effect of global warming and climate change are frightening and spare no country including Liberia.

It behooves every nation of conscience including ours to join the coalition of nations in tackling this dangerous phenomenon and save the planet. Emphasis has been place on global warming and climate change considers it as a worthwhile service to research, compile and furnish the public with some basic information on the issues.


It is the increase in global surface temperature resulting from the trapping of heat near the earth surface by the greenhouse gases. This is natural phenomenon that has existed for many years but scientists now fear that burn fossil fuel such as coal, oil, and natural gas as well as other human activities such as clearing land for agriculture and settlements are affecting earth climate.

Records show that the ten warmest years since the end of the twentieth century after 1980, 2001 is the second warmest year on second warmest year on record after 1998.


Climate Change is any long-term in the “average weather” that a given experiences. Average weather may include average temperature, precipitation and wind patterns. It involves change in the variability or average state of the atmosphere over duration ranging from decades to millions of years.

These changes can be caused by dynamic process on earth, external forces including variation in sunlight intensity and more recently by human activities. In recent usage, especially in the context of environmental policy the term climate change often refer to changes in modern climate.


Temperature rise is expected to melt polar ice caps and glaciers as well as warm the ocean, thus causing rise in sea level and expanding ocean volume by 9 to 200cm, flooding some coastal regions and even entire island.

Further predictions are that warmer climates received more rainfall than before, but soils will dry out faster between storms. This condition may damage food crops and disrupt food supplies in some part of the world.


Although new technologies, and other sources of energy are being explored to assist in the effort to reduce greenhouse gases and tackle the effect of change, a third-world country like ours does not the capacity to effectively conduct greenhouse gas inventories to ascertain the level of emission, or possess the technological capacity, there are practical steps that could help us in our endeavors.

Being mindful of the ways we dispose of wasters and manage the land for agricultural activities, burning of wastes emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and increases the level carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and increased the level of greenhouse gases. Trees are good sequester of carbon dioxide, and should be preserved as much as possible.

Uncontrollable deforestation of farming and other purpose are dangerous to the environment; plants use carbon dioxide to make their food, thus becoming the source of greenhouse gas reduction. Automobiles are good source of carbon emission, so are generators and fossil fuel consuming equipment, it is therefore advisable to cautiously use them.

Liberians with limited knowledge about climate change despite the huge campaign about it other countries, are being asked to be mindful of environments that are easily accessible to flood, flooding and other effect of climate change.

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