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Growing dissent

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Liberia is increasingly on edge with dissatisfaction and uncertainty everywhere in the country due to declining economy under the George Weah administration.

The situation is even compounded by the government’s conspicuous silence and apparent lack of capacity and experience.President Weah had promised in the first quarter of the year that several measures were underway to at least stabilize the economy but those promises never saw the light of day for the most part.

The economy remains in shambles with the exchange rate and prices hitting the sky, leaving behind discomfort and harsh reality of lack of purchasing power among ordinary citizens whose primary desire is to be able to get basic necessities of life.

The government itself is beset by protests, involving public workers who are demanding unpaid salaries and incentives.

From public schools and university to health institutions, the Judiciary and the legislature, the story is the same: employees are yet to receive arrears accumulating to about four to five months.

With no clear and reliable remedy insight, the authorities are being pressurized daily by street protests and threats of go-slow because workers are hungry.

Rather than moving quickly to assure the frustrated workforce, the government is involved in blame-game, holding oppositions responsible for the growing unrest. But leaders of opposition political parties have denied.
We call on the authorities to stop the blame-game. President Weah should instead, face the nation and say how he intends to address issues affecting the economy. This is important because the government must demonstrate that it is in charge.

On the contrary, the reality we have seen in the past 12 months or more doesn’t indicate this administration is on top of the issues that matter most – state of the economy.

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