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GSA accuses public of stealing gov’t license plates

The General Service Agency (GSA) says people in the public are allegedly stealing government vehicle license plates and using them on their private vehicles.
GSA Deputy Director General William V. Dakel said on a local radio station on 29 August that this is not in the interest of the government, and it undermines government’s efforts.

“We want to use this medium to send out a warning to people in the public that are involved in using government plate, putting it on their private vehicles that we have our inspector in the field. So once you are caught, you will face the full weight on the law,” the GSA says.

According to Mr. Dakel, most vehicles that are plying the streets especially government vehicles must have insurance to enable the GSA carry out its work.
He also says there are some prominent citizens in the country that use government license plates on their private vehicles.

But he warns that the GSA knows special places that government vehicles are marked, thus enabling the entity to find out even if they were stolen.

“And we at the GSA have instituted measures that are now in place to retrieve all of those stolen vehicles from the streets, or in the private homes,” he adds.

Meanwhile Mr. Dakel has dispelled rumors that the GSA is in the habit of selling cars.

“We are not doing car business only, but we [are] also involved into maintenance, rehabilitation among other things. But most of the newly appointed officials in government only think that only car issue GSA can handle,” says Mr. Dakel.

According to him before the ascendency of his Boss Mary T. Broh, government lost million dollars as a result of people stealing government cars. But he says the new team will continue to seize those vehicles.

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By Lewis S. The–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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