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GT Bank indictee claims brutality

Second defense witness MontmorancyYancy has told Criminal Court “C” how he was allegedly humiliated, while insisting on his innocence in the misapplication of US$126,219 of Total Liberia Inc.’s deposits at Guaranty Trust Bank Liberia.

Defendants Yancy and Stanley Yorsee are facing trial on multiple charges for the alleged misapplication of US$126,219 of the bank’s customer Total Liberia’s deposits and giving out the amount in loans without management’s authorization.

Defendant Yancy alleged that bank Executive Director TundyMaccaulley slapped him and held him by his necktie and later locked him up in his (Macculley’s) bathroom upon claims that he (Yancy) had a deposit log that was missing from the bank.

When police arrived at the bank, defendant Yancy said he was handcuffed and thrown into the police pickup, along with his late father. According to him, he and his late father were thrown in cell at a Police station among alleged high profile criminals and beaten.

But he denied instructing Emmanuel Togba to take the deposit log out of the bank, though he said Togba against whom prosecution has dropped all charges, was “a good friend to me.” “As far as my memory can serve me, when the issue of Total [Liberia] deposit [arose,] Emmanuel Togba being a good friend to me, asked me whether I have been signing for deposits over the period that [was being] investigated and I told him yes,” he told the court.

According to defendant Yancy, his friend, Togba, told him he knew what to do, after which, he said, when he (Yancy) arrived at the bank the next day, “there was the issue of a missing log book.”

When the log book allegedly got missing, defendant Yancy claimed that it was alleged that Togba was seen by one of the Bulk Tellers in person of Fancia taking the bulk log book out of the bulk room.

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Defendant Yancy said Togba confessed to internal inquiry that he took the log book out of the bank and placed it in his (Yancy’s) car. But in his personal encounter with Togba, defendant Yancy said Togba had told him that he sent the book to a girl he only identified as J- Girl.

Yancy said he made a phone call to J- Girl, ordering her to turn over the book if she did receive it. Concerning his statement at the Liberia National Police, defendant Yancy said: “I denied every allegation against me at the police station and it was confirmed on the 14th of September by the police representative, by the name of one Peter.” But he testified that the signatures on the statement form at the police station were all his signatures. 

By Winston W. Parley

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