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GT Bank indictee protest?

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In what sounded like protest in open court, indicted Guaranty Trust Bank Liberia employee Mr. Stanley Yorsee repeatedly told prosecution in the US$126,219 misapplication trial that he was not the only supervisor that reviewed tellers’ log, insisting that supervisor JestinaBoakai was never questioned or charged.

He took the stand for defense Thursday, 15 September at Criminal Court “C” at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia after prosecution rested with production of oral and documentary evidence following the account of its eighth witness.

Defendants Yorsee, MontmorancyYancy and Emmanuel Togba were jointly indicted by the State over claims of loaning out GT Bank Liberia’s customer Total Liberia’s deposits in the tune of US$126,219 withoutthe knowledge and authorization of the bank’s management.

But prosecution later dropped charges against Emmanuel Togba, and later labels him as state witness. Yorseetold the cross examiner that one of the supervisors in person of JestinaBoakaiwhose signature was also allegedly reflected in the log to attest that she had done review, was not charged by the State.

He identified a log presented to him by prosecution, saying they reflected pages and “date May 28, 2015”, further reflecting posting bulk teller Theo Morris, teller MontmorancyYancy as well as his “Supervisor Stanley Yorsee’s signature.”

He also identified logs of May 28, 2015 and May 29, 2015 reflecting bulk teller Theo Morris and supervisor JestinaBoakai on one date, while the other date – reflected bulk teller Francia Miller, posting teller MontmorancyYancy and supervisor JestinaBoakai.

He said the log indicating May 28, 2015 to May 29, 2015 had four pages. He testified to viewing one of the pages on May 28, 2015. He said the page had several customers’ accounts on it and only two of those indicated Total Liberia.

AccordingYorsee, those customers accounts on the page that were viewed by him included Total Liberia Inc. with amount US$2,812 plus US$6,126. When he was presented with documents from the police, Yorsee admitted that the signature on the statement form was his signature; but he denied the writing of the statements.

He said part of his responsibilities included giving cash or money to the posting teller for daily transaction and take money back to the vault with either one of the supervisors. He said he okayed account opening package; check posting tellers’ daily transaction performed on GT Bank system; check clearing tellers’ daily transaction performed on the GT Bank system and view bulk teller’s log to make sure every cash or money received from customers are turned over to posting tellers by seeing the posting tellers’ signature in the log.

According to him, such functions gave him the right to check or view every teller’s transaction as regards deposits, withdrawals, Western Union receive and sent and MoneyGram receive and sent that is performed on the GT Bank system. Trial continues on Friday, 16 September at 10am.

Winston W. Parley

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