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GT Bank staffs hooked

-For Charles Sirleaf’s millions

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Two employees of privately run Guaranty Trust Bank Liberia defendants Andrea Doubah and Genesis David have been dealt multiple charges for allegedly withdrawing over LD$10m plus US$886,580 from the salary and savings accounts of Mr. Charles E. Sirleaf, son of former President Ellen Johnson – Sirleaf.

Andrea Doubah and Genesis David were bailed out Tuesday, 8 September after they were placed under the jurisdiction of the Monrovia City Court by police on charges of theft of property, forgery, and aiding consummation of crime and criminal conspiracy, specifically for Andrea; and criminal conspiracy and criminal facilitation, for David.

Mr. Sirleaf claims that the signature used on the alleged forged withdrawal slips and on check to get the alleged amount out of his accounts was completely different from the genuine signature he lodged with Guaranty Trust Bank (GT – Bank).

Sirleaf alleges that from the date defendant Andrea Doubah became his account officer, she filled in all withdrawal slips and checks and she signed them, alleging that he did not sign the forged withdrawal slips bearing the name Charles E. Sirleaf and the counter check was not signed by he and his wife.

Mr. Sirleaf’s case against the commercial bankers from GT – Bank came ever since just about the time prosecutors here nolleprosequihim (dropped charges against him) with prejudice from a trial against him and other former Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) officials for billions of Liberian dollars allegedly unaccounted for.

But the Criminal Court “C” at the Temple of Justice recently acquitted all of the four CBL officials at the end of trial in the CBL case.

In Mr. Charles Sirleaf’s case, investigators say defendant Andrea Doubah was assigned by GT – Bank management as account officer to Charles Sirleaf’s accounts, as well as the account to which Sirleaf and his wife are signatories.

As for Genesis David, he worked with GT – Bank as head of operations at the bank’s head office in Sinkor, suburb of Monrovia.

According to police, Mr. Sirleaf’s lawyer, Cllr. J. Johnny Momoh alleges that in 2017, 2018 and 2019, several unauthorized withdrawals were made from his client’s account totaling LD$10,480,000 and US$886,580.

These monies, according to the complaint, were allegedly withdrawn from Mr. Sirleaf’s saving and salary accounts and a single USD withdrawal from a joint checking account titled “BojeleneGuest House Incorporated,” operated by Mr. Sirleaf and his wife Fanta DonzoSirleaf as signatories.

During investigation, police indicate that defendant Andrea Doubah explained that on 13 January 2016 she reactivated Mr. Sirleaf’s saving USD account and also encouraged him to open LD account, which he did.

Police say Andrea allegedly stated that she deposited and withdrew cash from Mr. Sirleaf’s account based on his orders, using his Identification Card because he is considered a High Net worth Individual (HNI) as per the bank’s alleged policy.

Further, police say Andrea told the investigation that, she never signed any of Mr. Sirleaf’s withdrawal slips, and that Mr. Sirleaf’s emissaries or representatives never signed for the cash she turned over to them on his behalf.

According to Andrea, Mr. Sirleaf’s wife, Mrs. FantanDonzoSirleaf is one of the persons to whom she (Andrea) turned over cash that was withdrawn from Mr. Sirleaf’s account based on an alleged instruction from the complainant.

She claims that it was Mr. Sirleaf who would call her whenever he sent people to conduct transactions on his account and that these conversations took place on different platforms such as voice calls, SMS and WhatsApp, among others.

As for defendant Genesis David, police say he informed the investigation that he approved all the slips that were used as source documents to allow withdrawals from Mr. Sirleaf’s accounts executed at GT – Bank, Sinkor.

In her response, police say Mrs. Fanta DonzoSirleaf explained that she filled in a withdrawal slip authorizing US$90,000 from her account and later deposited it into her brotherBoimahKonah’s account, having heard that the government had decided to freeze her husband Charles’ accounts in reference to alleged missing Liberian dollars.

She says the idea came based on Andrea’s advice that she should withdraw her cash and take it home to avoid it being seized by the government.

In July 2019, Fanta says she instructed her brother to withdraw US$40,000 from his account and the withdrawal slip was allegedly delivered to Andrea who executed the withdrawal, adding that she (Mrs. Sirleaf) received the US$40,000 through Genesis David while US$50,000 remained in her brother’s account.

Mrs. Sirleaf says she and her brother did not transact any business within their respective accounts until 26 May 2020 when they withdrew all of their monies, both LD and USD.

In reference to the Bojelene Guest House account, Fanta Sirleaf says she was only a signatory, noting that on 31 October 2019, she and her husband Mr. Sirleaf wrote GT – Bank check leaf, authorizing US$88,000 withdrawal from Bojelene Guest House account.

She continues that the check was given to Andrea, but Andrea did not present it to the bank and did they (Sirleafs) receive the cash from Andrea.

According to her, when the issue was raised with the bank, management provided a counter check dated 29/9/2019 as proof of US$88,000 withdrawal from Bojelene Guest House. Mrs. Fanta Sirleaf denies an allegation that she received US$100,000 on 4 March 2020. By Winston W. Parley

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