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Guard mysteriously disappeared at resort

Tears and grieve characterized the mood Saturday, 3 June when curious residents of Harper City, Maryland County in southeast Liberia trooped at Miami Beach, a local resort to ascertain the alleged burglary and mysterious disappearance of a private watchman identified as Sarwea James, alias “BODO-ZAYEE”.

The 50 years old watchman, a resident of Harper and father of several children, hails from Garraway district, Grand Kru County. The victim, who has been assigned at the beach on the outskirt of Harper City along the Atlantic Ocean, just a stone throw from Lake Shepherd was lastly seen on his post on late Friday, 2 June.

“I see why dogs were barking the whole of last night”, notes one lady, who lives in the same neighborhood where Miami’s Beach is situated.  Other neighbors also confirm they heard loud noise of dogs barking, but it was too late and there was heavy downpour.

Meanwhile, Police in the county are currently investigating the mysterious disappearance of Sarwea James. Several citizens are attributing the alleged disappearance to ritualistic activity otherwise known here as Gboyoism, which is synonymous to Maryland County.

The act involves abduction and killing of someone and extraction of body parts for charms to gain political influence and power, particularly during electioneering period. Upon noticing the mysterious disappearance over the weekend at the beach, bloodstains were discovered in three separate locations with trail leading toward the Atlantic Ocean.

The beach is owned and operated by a lady identified as Angie Torpoe, a recent graduate of the William V.S. Tubman University Class of 2017.  On the crime scene, it was noticed that unknown persons allegedly broke into the building and made away with few cartoons of drinks, leaving behind a laptop and speakers along with several other items.

Commenting on the disappearance, the Independent Human Rights Commission Monitor in the county, S. Boniface Nyemah, condemns the act and calls on government to launch an investigation to bring the perpetrators to book.

By George K. Momo/ Maryland

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