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Guinean shoots Liberian for girlfriend

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Police in Margibi County have launched a search for a Guinea national who allegedly shot and wounded a Liberian on suspicion of loving to his girlfriend. Police in the county have reportedlyannounced a prize tag of US$200.00 for anyone with information that would lead to the arrest of the suspect.

The NewDawn correspondent in Margibi said the incident occurred on Saturday night, January 30, in 14th Road Community,Kakata. The suspect has been identified as Paul Larmie. Residents of the community told this writer that he has been accusing the victim, Cyrus McCarthy, of following his girlfriend.

Cyrus narrated to reporters on Monday February 1, 2016, the perpetrator allegedly him for no reason. He denied having love relationship with Larmie’s girlfriend. The victim, who is currently receiving medication at the C. H. Rennie Hospital in Kakata, said he and the accused has had no misunderstanding prior to the attack on his life, and that he (Cyrus) was shock at his attitude.

He said on the day of the attack, the accused who he described as a friend came riding on a motorbike with a single barrel gun and threatened to kill him. Cyrus added that he had earlier considered the threat a joke because both of them usually share fun, but continued that while urinating outside, Paul Larmie pointed the pistol at him, threatening to shoot him if he moved.

The victim said in response to the alleged threat, he told Paul if he came close to him, he would urinate on him. However, he said the suspect maintained that he was serious and pointed the arm at him and fired, detailing that the bullet hit his neck and penetrated so he fell to the ground while Paul escaped, leaving the motorbike on the scene.

By Ramsey N. Singbeh, in Margibi

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