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GVL alarms over palm theft

The Management of Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) in Grand Kru County, southeast Liberia alarm over increased illegal harvesting of its palm by unknown persons suspected to be community dwellers.

GVL Grand Kru County Communications Officer says some unscrupulous community members are in the constant habit of illegally harvesting the company’s palms in Wedabo, Sorroken and Garraway, respectively.

Darius Doe claims some community dwellers are opening local mills and producing oil palm, while others are allegedly stealing harvested palms from the company’s farms.  According to him, several individuals were arrested by GVL security and have been turned over to the Liberia National Police for investigation.

He laments that the behavior of the community dwellers poses serious threat to GVL’s investment as well as huge economic loses. Darious continues that management has reported the situation to the county authority, including legislative caucus, and district leadership for immediate intervention.

GVL is however calling on residents of various communities in the county to help discourage and report any illegally harvesting of its palm. Several citizens speaking to this paper on condition of anonymity, say though they received information from management that there were illegal harvesting taking place in its palm plantation, no community member has been caught in said act. “We get our palm from the forest and this company should know that they met palm in this forest before they started planting here” one speaker notes.

By George K. Momo/ Grand Kru-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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