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GVL says it remains law abiding in Liberia

Golden Veroleum (Liberia) Inc. or GVL, has bolstered efforts aimed at promoting good and fair labor practices in its operations in Liberia.

The company in a press release says it has taken significant steps to revamp its Human Resources and Legal Departments to bring vibrancy and robustness to both departments, thereby minimizing labor-related and industrial issues.

GVL furthered that it has been engaging with external team of lawyers who constantly provide necessary and appropriate pieces of advice that inform the actions taken with respect to matters that directly or indirectly affect its sustainability in Liberia.

Management notes that while actions taken against its employee(s) are sometimes looked upon with disfavor by the affected employee(s), said actions are consistent with its internal policies which have been widely circulated to employees, as well as a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) signed between the Company and its Workers Union – Golden Veroleum Agricultural Workers Union of Liberia (GOVAWUL), the Decent Work Act of 2015, and other relevant laws of the Republic of Liberia.

The company maintained that it continues to be law-abiding by not only adhering to existing laws but also complying with rulings that are made by Courts and/or administrative forums given the statutory responsibility to adjudicate disputes.

“The redundancy exercises previously carried out on those affected employees receiving the paid severance were in line with the applicable and relevant provisions of the laws of the Republic of Liberia”, the company added.

GVL stressed that it remains committed to maintaining a sustainable presence in Liberia and continues to make increasing efforts that will improve the well-being and livelihoods of both its employees and host communities. Press Release

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