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H.E President George Weah President-Head of State & Commander-In-Chief, Armed Forces, Republic of Liberia

Dear President Weah:
My Little Advice to You

I extend my homage and felicitations to you and your entire government in the name of Jesus. I am Jones Octavious Mallay, Sr. I hail from Somalahum village, Kolahum district Lofa County-Liberia. I am a current resident of the US and a syndicated columnist in the “New Dawn Newspaper” column titled: “From Where I see The Weah’s Presidency”. I did not vote for you. I am not a member of your CDC’s party, neither was I counted in the votes that eventually made you president, head-of-state and commander-in-chief, Armed Forces of the Republic of Liberia. Though, I didn’t vote for you, you are still my president. I will continue to acknowledge you as our President, despite all the negative social, economic and political odds and as long you continue to respect your legal constitutional boundaries and not tampering with the constitution and laws of Liberia.

Be reminded that many African presidents rise up and are quickly dethroned, killed or sometimes removed from office either due to their own political deportment, or political proudness in which they see themselves as “small gods” and also by making themselves untouchable or by exercising access uncontrollable political power. I am writing you purposely to advise you of your bad temperament, your defiant spirit to ordinary Liberians, and your uncontrollable anger problems. No one hates any leader in Liberia, it is the leaders themselves who create conditions for their own citizens to hate them or turned against them.

You need to put your emotion under control if you want for Liberians to be free with you. You need to speak with Liberians in a very politely and peaceful manner with passion and in love and not with the use of political power and set of presidential authorities. You need to do away with a potential defiant spirit and be the listening type of president. For example, women in Nimba recently demonstrated against the increase of the US dollar rate on the Liberian market, 1 dollar to 145 LD, yet you took offense and did not pay heed to their concerns, that was a bad sign for your presidency.

You need not to be defiant of whatsoever Liberians are going through under your leadership. For example, most Liberians pointed at some of your bad appointments in government, yet you refused to listen to them because it is your government. Liberians are speaking to you about their terrible living condition, you simply careless about their plight. It is God who speaks through people to their leaders. I want for you to kindly take note of this.

The spirit of proudness and holding things against your fellow Liberians is not a good sign for your presidency. Liberians are suffering. Many of them do not even have bread to eat from sunrise to sunset, yet nothing is happening from your end as president, to enforce policies that can ease the burden of Liberians, which is not a good sign for your presidency. The US dollar is going up every second in Liberia, which has continued to affect the lives of Liberians directly and indirectly, which is not a good sign for your presidency.

Most Liberians are becoming mere beggars in their own country while the foreigners have continued to hike the prices of goods like rice, building materials, transportation and many other, which is not a good sign for your presidency. Innocent Liberians are being killed and their body parts being extracted from them especially in Monrovia and their bodies are thrown in street corners with your office not speaking to these type of gruesome killings, this is not a good sign for your presidency.

School fees are rising both in the public and private schools, your office is doing nothing to speak against the enforcement of policies that can reduce huge school fees on poor mothers in Liberia. New fees for students from elementary school to 12 grades have continued to rise up at a pace that even the average Liberian family cannot cope with such situation, this is not a good sign for your presidency.

The foreigners have hijacked the Liberian economy. They are all in the bushes in Liberia far and near digging gold, diamond and felling our logs, with no one stop such madness, if though Liberia has no government in place, this is not a good sign for your presidency. Nigerians, Fulani, Lebanese, Ghanaians, Guineans, Chinese and other equally dangerous foreign nationals have captured all the small markets in Liberia depriving small Liberian businesses of functioning effectively, this is not a good sign for your presidency. This cannot happen in Ghana, Nigeria or China. For example, the Chinese are mining rocks, sands, charcoal, burning fish, selling cool water, ice cream, ice water if though, Liberia has no government. This is not a good sign for your presidency for the future of Liberian businesses.

Your security men are harassing common and innocent Liberians who speak against you, this is not a good sign for your presidency. For example, Journalist Jonathan Paye Layleh left the country under the cover of darkness for fear of his life, that was not a good sign for your presidency. The United Nations, human rights commission and the US have taken note of this journalist issue, this is not a good sign for your presidency.

Your vice president is calling for Liberians who are not Cedecians to be marginalized, this is not a good sign for your presidency. You have submitted a bill to paralyze or destroy the press freedom law that was crafted by former president Sirleaf, this is not a good sign for your presidency. Since your inauguration, you have made more than five international trips with a huge delegation at the expense of taxpayer money when Liberians cannot get fitting drinking water or a meal a day, this is not a good sign for your presidency. You referred to your government as ‘pro-poor”, yet you are engaging in the signing loans that will have dangerous effects on the future generation of Liberia, yet foreigners are in our bushes smuggling our gold, diamond and log that should bring money to the government. Even those who voted for you are getting out of patient due to the hardship they are experiencing, which is not a good sign for your presidency. You are beginning to erect buildings and receiving a plane as a gift from a friend, this is not a good sign for your presidency.

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