Hailing the Liberia Entrepreneurship Summit

The Cummings Africa Foundation over the weekend, hosted over 100 local entrepreneurs under the Liberia Entrepreneurship Summit, targeting selected Liberian-owned businesses as participants.The two days Summit in Monrovia provided an avenue to expose young Liberian entrepreneurs to deeper business managerial skills and create empowerment opportunities, focusing on Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that look forward to moving to the next level.

Owned by former corporate executive and opposition politician, Alexander B. Cummings, the Cummings Africa Foundation has initiated an endeavor that would enable Liberian entrepreneurs to have a say in their own economy thru nonstop education, inspiration and motivation.
We believe this is where focus of the Liberian society should be – a strong desire for entrepreneurial skills and courage to venture into business. The timing for the Liberia Entrepreneurship Summit couldn’t have been any better than now when the economy has nose-dived.

We encourage the Cummings Africa Foundation to conduct more of such summits in the country to build and maintain in Liberians particularly, the youth an entrepreneurial spirit that would turn their attention away from seeking government jobs as the only hope for their future.
If our economy should wake up from its current slumber, the private sector should take the lead thru SMEs, particularly Liberian-owned businesses. No economy has developed exclusively by government spending, though the public sector serves as a stimulus.However, it is the private sector that holds a very big chunk of the economy on which government heavily relies for taxes to run the affairs of state.

As a former executive of Coca Cola Africa, Mr. Cummings has wealth of experience and expertise that both ordinary Liberians and the government itself could tap from. And has made himself available, politics aside.We urge every well-meaning and business-conscious Liberians to take advantage of the opportunity brought about by the Cummings Foundation to emancipate ourselves from the shackles of poverty, dependency and lack. No outsider will do it for us.

Addressing the opening session, Mr. Cummings disclosed that contestants in a business ideas competition from the Summit stand a chance to win up to US$10,000 and US$5,000 investment capital thru grants, respectively.This is a once in a life time opportunity that no business-minded Liberian should afford to miss, as it could well be the start of a journey that could take you to the top, and the Liberia Entrepreneurship Summit, thru the Cummings Africa Foundation should be lauded for availing the opportunity.

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