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Halt all legal actions against Speaker Tyler

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn Liberia-Nimba youths urge

The Nimba Students Association of Buu-Yao District, Nimba County is calling on Lawmakers to abandon all legal battles against House Speaker, J. Alex Tyler, for the sake of reconciliation. 

Speaking Tuesday, March 10, 2015 in a press statement issued in Monrovia, the group explained that the action taken by Speaker Tyler to suspend a member of the House of Representatives, Samuel Kogar, because of his commitment to fighting corruption in the House violates Article 38 of the Constitution of Liberia.

According to the youth group, Article 38 states that, each House shall adopt its own rule of procedure, enforce order, and with the concurrence of two-thirds of the entire membership, and may expel a member for a cause, and that each House shall establish its own committees and subcommittees, provided however that the committee on revenues and appropriation shall consist of one member from each county.

The group said if this article is one cardinal pillar of the constitution, which stresses due process of Law and the concurrence of two-thirds of the membership of the 73 Lawmakers in the Lower house, then “Hon. Samuel Kogar was never given an opportunity to appear before an independent body for a hearing in defense of the alleged crime levied against him by the Speaker.

The group said such action contravenes the intent and good spirit of due process of Law as stated in Article 38.

“We are of the conviction that these actions are meted against our Lawmaker Samuel Kogar because of his stand on the US$ 25,000,00 oil block nationwide consultation money that maliciously disappeared at the House of Representatives, which was exposed by Michael Allison, who was found dead on the beach in Sinkor”, the release read.

The youth group also condemned the Nimba Legislative Caucus for signing the illegal resolution to suspend their colleague Samuel Kogar, adding that such action against a fellow colleague by majority of the Nimba Caucus contradicts the county’s unity and togetherness established by the forefathers of Nimba, saying, “We therefore urge our representative to abandon all legal actions against the plenary decision in order to protect the reputation of the House of Representatives.”

By Lewis S. Teh

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