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Health coverage not mandatory in public schools

The Superintendent of the Monrovia Consolidated School System or MCSS Adolphus Benjamin Jacobs says, government encourages health coverage in both private and public schools, but not mandatory for it is absolutely outside the educational policy of Liberia.

The MCSS boss said the reason for which the initiative is welcoming but not mandatory is that some school administrators could use such issue as a yardstick to stop pupils from learning, adding that such issue should not be responsible for the denial of pupils receiving education.

Speaking Tuesday, September 13, with The NewDawn in an interview in Monrovia, Superintendent Jacob indicated that when parents or guardians get themselves involved into the educational system by monitoring their children’s lesson notes from school, and even visiting their school campuses to get acquainted with their teacher(s) and academic performance, it will actually help to strengthen the learning system here.

“Let parents and guardians get involve into the educational system of Liberia, this will help strengthen their [children’s] educational endeavor,” he emphasized. Mr. Jacob asserted that parents or guardians, who are holding back their children from enrolling in the government’s free and compulsory education program, should be prosecuted whenever they are caught.

He said the program is totally free and requires no money for registration in any of the public school, pointing out that parents or guardians just need to carry their children to the public school of their choice to have them registered in readiness for school, which has already started.

At the same time the MCSS boss disclosed that it is the Parent-Teacher Association or PTA that sometimes imposes taxation to help purchase some materials for their children such as identification or ID cards for their kids, physical education or P.E. T-shirts, among others to make them look presentable on campus.

He said some parents or guardians who are not able to meet these requirements that may come from the PTA should not worry, as it is not compulsory, adding that what is required is to get their children dressed in the school uniform and go to class, especially for public schools.

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Besides, Mr. Jacob pointed out that for the sake of money, some school proprietors or proprietress don’t want to know what kind of pupils they enroll in their institutions, something he terms as sadden to the educational system.

By Zee Roberts

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