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Health Workers Go-Slow In Buchanan

Health workers at the Liberian government hospital in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County have lay down tools, paralyzing normal services to the public. The go-slow in the county started since Wednesday this week.

According to our Buchanan correspondent, the action is a result of breakdown in communication from the county health authority, explaining the new paying system for employees at the hospital.

County Health Officer Singbe Vanyanbah, has confirmed the workers’ action. He said a US$ 55.00.00 deduction was affected on those employees on both Merlin and government’s payrolls. Mr. Vanyanbah said there was no reduction made on the LD$1,500 salary increment from the government.

He said the deduction is as a result of the revised pay system of the government, which took effect since January this year, but was never implemented in the county until last month (June).

“Clarity on the US$55 deduction in salaries was given to various supervisors and head of departments of the hospital for the workers, but they failed to do so,” Vanyanbah clarified.

He said these actions mainly affected those who are on both government and Merlin’s payrolls, and not those only on the payroll of Merlin. Vanyanbah condemned workers’ approach to the issue, saying that it was wrong, but urged them to channel their grievances through their respective supervisors rather than laying tools.

According to him, because of the go-slow, patients were not being attended. Meanwhile, the county health authority is said to be exerting every effort to address the matter.

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