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Health Workers Protest in Tubmanburg

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Over 100 health workers at the Liberian government hospital in Tubmanburg, Bomi County have grounded their tools in protest over alleged salary deduction. The workers protest comes in demand of explanation from both the hospital and authorities at the Ministry of Health and Social in Monrovia over the reported deduction of US$55 each from their monthly earnings (salary).

They told Bomi County Senator, Sando Dazoe Johnson, on Friday that among many things happening at the hospital, this has been ongoing for the past three years.

“Every attempt to ascertain the reason and where the money is going from the hospital authority, proved a failure as they baffled same many times,” said one of the employees.

Another stated: “You minus US$55 from US$120 per month times 3 years. This assignment has no allowance neither benefit. I am a BSc degree holder in health science.”

However, the hospital administrator, Sando Sirleaf, admitted to the employees’ claim, but said they were acting on instruction from the Health Ministry. He did not disclose names or which specific section at the ministry that gave the instruction.

But in reaction, Senator Sando Johnson expressed dismay over happenings at the hospital and promised to submit a letter of complaint to the senate plenary this week.

“Health Ministry is one of the ministries that is being allotted huge amount of money in the national budget. How come employees’ earnings are being deducted,” Johnson noted. He went further: “If this is true than government does not have the capacity to run the hospital. But the minister must come forward to explain.”

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