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Healthcare federation launched here

Private healthcare facilities and practitioners here have launched a federation named ‘Healthcare Federation of Liberia.’

The group which was launched recently in Monrovia is a conglomeration of health care institutions comprising of traditional health practitioners.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, the head of the federation Dr. Nicloe Cooper said that the federation is an organization of businesses and associations working in private healthcare sector here.
“Our members are private institutions representing various fields within healthcare. The goal of the Healthcare Federation of Liberia (HFL), is to unify the private health sector towards achieving high quality affordable healthcare for the people of Liberia,” she says.

According to Dr. Cooper, the group is to create access to finance for its members, facility accreditation, joint procurement of health – related medicines, health – related materials and positive engagement with the Liberian government through the Health Ministry.

Dr. Cooper intimates that the group is engaged into providing opportunities for continuing education, promoting higher technical standards, and educating its members on best business practice, among others.
She adds that the group will work to overcome industry problems through cooperation and advocacy, advocate for a better regulatory environment, serve on point of contract with the public sector and collaborate on public – private partnership.
Madam Cooper tells the launch that the program is a great one and is first of its kind in the history of the country.

She notes that despite the group being new, HFL is already a registered member of the West African Healthcare Federation, a regional group which has about ten member states inducing Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

Also speaking at the launch, Liberia’s Health Minister Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah praises the organizers for such initiative, saying the federation will now serve as channel for government to reach out to all private health facilities and practitioners here.

She says over the period, government has had challenges to reach to all health centers, adding that with the establishment of the federation, it will help to ease the challenges.

She continues that the Liberian government will work closely with the group, help to provide education and introduce it to some best international best practices that will be a help to the health community.
For her part, the vice president of the West African Health Federation, Mrs. Clare Omatseye expresses gratitude to the Liberian community for considering the decision of joining the regional group.

She narrates that the federation is making greater impact in member states, adding that attention of national governments within the ten countries are focused on the decision and policy of the federation.
Madam Omatseye expresses anticipation that the Liberian government will follow suit and work closely with the local federation in that health related issues affecting the residents and private health centers can be quickly addressed—Press release

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