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Heeding to the Vice President’s Challenge

The 54th Commencement Convocation of Cuttington University in Central Liberia, held on September 26, 2015, may now be history, but it memories may continue to live on.

This may be in consonance with the fact that for the first in the history of commencement exercises in Liberia, a high profile foreign dignitary served as Commencement Speaker.  In his address to the nearly 600 graduates upon whom degrees were conferred in various academic disciplines, including Peace Studies and Service Learning, Vice President Victor B. Foh of neighboring Sierra Leone challenged the graduates to be innovative in making themselves self-reliant because the government did not have the capacity to employment all of them.


Developing innovative approaches, Vice President Foh said, the graduates could be self-employed, despite the fact that the government is the largest employer in any nation without the capacity to employ everybody.
Towards this direction, he indicated to the graduates that creativity would enable them to attract the necessary respect of their colleagues, as well as fellow citizens, describing the decision by the Cuttington Administration to introduce disciplines/courses such as Peace Studies and Service Learning as an innovation in the university’s curriculum.


As we join others in commending our compatriots – the graduates, for such successful academic sojourn, we also join Commencement Speaker Victor B. Foh in further admonishing them to maximize the education acquired at Cuttington by exhibiting the attributes of ‘degree holders’, remembering the moral grounds on which they stand to execute their responsibilities in the greater society in which they find themselves – of course, bearing in mind the integrity they have to protect as they have left the walls of Cuttington University.


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In view of the foregoing, the task is incumbent upon each and every one of the graduates to keep this nation, his/her your community and the world at large in an acceptable position than it has been – meaning, coming into the greater society, they must be agents of positive change and not allowing themselves to be swallowed by systemic corruption.


As university graduates, much is expected of them in terms of how they conduct themselves at work places, social gatherings, as well as communities, among others. We are of the fervent belief that these are imbed in the challenge given by the Vice President of Sierra Leone and Cuttington’s 54th Commencement Convocation Speaker Victor B. Foh for the graduates to be innovative and creative as they now enter the greater Liberian society.

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