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Special Feature

Hello Public Works Ministry!!!!

This woman is just one of few persons CAUGHT IN THE ACT of taking rocks from sites where road works were still in progress in Monrovia. After snapping this woman, and several other women and their children taking rocks from unfinished road works on GSA Road, a few days later, several other persons again converged along those unfinished streets, this time, aggressively picking and hauling rocks from  the sites where workers had been busy constructing public roads.

Now, let me ask this question? Those persons engaged in such acts of taking away materials meant for developing, if this is not stealing or sabotaging government work, who are they doing? And who are these persons?  My question is not meant to provide their identities, but an attempt to look at whether they are fully aware of their actions, and the implications of their actions on society.

Can these ‘informed’ citizens hold government accountable for poor road conditions, and unfinished road projects? If they cannot hold government accountable, what are government institutions responsible for promoting gender empowerment and the advancement of women doing; not to punish these women and other persons engaged in such acts; but to build the capacities.

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