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High hopes for achieving ‘Zero Ebola infection in 60-days’, but…

In 60-days as of Sunday, February 15, 2015, Ebola-infected Countries of the Mano River Union or MRU expect to achieve ‘zero Ebola infection.’

That’s the commitment contained in a declaration by Heads of State and Governments of the sub-regional group-MRU on the eradication of Ebola and Post-Ebola Socio-Economic Recovery, when they met in the Guinean Capital, Conakry on Sunday at an extraordinary Session.

The MRU Heads of States and Government had met to adopt common strategies to end the Ebola epidemic in the sub-region, and to address post-Ebola socio-economic development recovery needs.

The four MRU countries-Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and La Cote d’Ivoire approved the strategy for reaching and sustaining “Zero Ebola Infection” in the sub-region, with special emphasis on infection prevention control, social mobilization, community engagement, surveillance, cross border collaboration, as well as instituting robust and sustainable social protection programs, providing mental and psychosocial support and ensuring coordination, recognizing that to get to and stay at ‘zero Ebola Infection in 60-days’, will require collective political will on their part to provide the enabling environment to translate intervention strategies into action.

To achieve such objective,  the intervention of  the International Community in providing all of the necessary support cannot be over-emphasized.

Just as it has done and continues to do, the international community must consider this commitment by our sub-regional leaders as the final “all-out battle” to kick the disease out of the region, and ensure the necessary funding to end this night mare.

The availability of funding to the MRU countries and partners in furtherance and conclusion of this “Ebola war” would not only thwart the threat of this disease to other parts of the West African region, but the entire continent and the world at-large.

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In view of the foregoing, we pray with our leaders and governments with high optimism so that at the upcoming March 3rd European Union Ebola Conference in Brussels, it will take no time to raise the funding for this final “60-day battle” against the deadly Ebola Disease.

As our leaders and governments ‘bend backward’ to end this epidermic in our region, it is now incumbent upon us-citizens of the Mano River Union to do all within our consciences and psychological powers to help our leaders and governments in helping us adhering to the anti-Ebola or preventive measures prescribed by our respective Health Ministries and international partners. In the interest of our well-being, we must desist from our traditional and religious practices that serve as means of transmitting the EVD.

Such cooperation will only buttress the efforts of our governments and international community in eradicating this deadly disease from our countries.

And in fulfillment of this cooperation, no doubt, hope for achieving ‘zero Ebola infection in 60-days’ is very high.

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