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Hold me accountable

-Weah throws out the challenge

Dugbe Statutory District, Sinoe County: President George Weah has urged citizens to hold him accountable for developmental promises he has continued to make as he tours the 15 counties across the country.
Speaking Sunday at his 50th town hall meeting in Karquekpo city, Dugbe District, Sinoe County, President Weah reiterated that citizens should hold him accountable for what he says and not what somebody says of him.

“I want you to hold me accountable for what I say, not what somebody says,” Mr. Weah said as he concluded his 50th town hall meeting in this year alone.

Since February 12, 2021, President Weah has toured 13 of the 15 counties in the country, telling citizens thank you for voting him in office and at the same time promising to undertake developmental projects in their areas. The President began his tour in Bong County through Nimba, Grand Gedeh, Rivergee, Maryland and Grand Kru Counties on the first leg.

On his second leg, the President toured the western regional counties of Bomi, Gbapolu and Grand Cape Mount before embarking on the just-ended third leg, which includes Margbi, Grand Bassa, Rivercess and Sinoe Counties.

In each of the 13 counties visited and at each of the 50th town hall meetings, President Weah has repeated his message of thank you to the citizens, while committing his government to their developmental needs by promising to construct roads, schools, hospitals, vocational schools, youth and women centers.

He also disclosed soft loans for women and $16 million agriculture loan for farmers, among others and at the same time breaking grounds for new projects such as rural housing units, hydro in Rivergee County, while dedicating other projects.

Mr. Weah has also throughout his tour informed citizens of steps his administration is taking to develop the country saying, “they said we knew nothing and shouldn’t have voted us in office, and we that don’t know nothing are the ones now developing the country.

President Weah stated that no county will be left behind in his administration’s developmental agenda.
“We have planted the seeds of development and you will reap it,” the President told citizens at one of his town hall meetings in Grand Bassa.

At his just ended tour in Sinoe, President Weah broke grounds for the construction of health centers, dedicated vocational centers and called for unity in a county polarized with division and in-fighting, coupled with land dispute in neighboring Rivercess County.

However, he called on local leaders to iron out their differences and work in the interest of their people, while encouraging citizens to keep the peace because without it the work of government will be difficult.

“I don’t want anyone to misconstrue what I am about to say. We will help (District #2 Representative Samson Quejue Wiah) to succeed”, Weah said as he urged other lawmakers to take advantage of developmental efforts in their districts and villages. Meanwhile, President Weah is expected to visit Lofa County shortly before wrapping up his tour in rural Montserrado.

It is not clear whether the President can fulfill all of the promises he is making across the country, but one thing that is sure is that he has asked citizens to work with their lawmakers to bring them to pass. By Othello B. Garblah

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