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Horror at former Chief Justice’s house

--As alleged armed robbers leave her daughter dead

By Lincoln G. Peters 

Tragedy has hit the home of Liberia’s former Chief Justice Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott, after men believed to be armed robbers, invaded her home, brutally killed her daughter, and wounded another victim.

Sources say the gruesome attack on Wednesday night, 22 February 2023 was the third in a series of alleged armed robbery attacks at the former Chief Justice’s residence in Brewerville, Montserrado County.

Cllr. Scott is said to have repeatedly complained about her home being invaded by suspects believed to be armed robbers, but there was no sign that the authorities here took preventive measures to deter this tragedy.

The former Chief Justice is also a former Senator for Maryland County in southeast Liberia, a former Justice Ministers and has held other key public offices. 

She remains an active senior counsel and has sometimes defended the opposition Unity Party (UP) in some cases in the courtroom.

Residents of Montserrado Electoral District #17 woke up to the sad news of the tragedy that had hit the former Chief Justice’s home.

The incident is reported to have happened Wednesday night at 11 P.M. opposite the Sheriff Gas Station in Brewerville.

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Many of them were left in total shock upon hearing that the daughter of Cllr. Scott had been killed in an alleged armed robbery attack, and that her niece too had been wounded and hospitalized.

According to sources, the attacker allegedly stabbed Cllr Scott’s daughter multiple times in the midst of other children in the house.

In previous alleged armed robbery attacks at Cllr. Scott’s home this month, suspects were said to have succeeded in making away with several documents.

The repeated attacks against Cllr. Scott’s home has left many wondering over what the intent of the suspects is, and scores of community dwellers are still in disbelief.

This paper also gathered that during the latest attack on Wednesday night, Cllr. Scott maneuvered to abscond the scene for fear of her life.

In the wake if the tragedy, there was a huge security presence as of Thursday at the home of Cllr. Scott.

The Liberia National Police (LNP) said Thursday that it had begun investigation the incident that took place at Cllr. Scott’s residence on Wednesday night.

In a statement released by Police Spokesman Moses Carter, the LNP said Madam Scott is now under appropriate police protection.

Carter explained that Cllr. Scott reported some days ago in a radio interview that her family had experienced several attempts from suspected burglars seeking to enter her home at night. 

He stated that this report led to an increase in police patrol in the area.

Carter said preliminary findings revealed that a man who was allegedly part of a crew that Cllr. Scott had hired to carry out some construction work at her residence remained hidden inside at the end of the work.

The suspect is said to have remained in Cllr. Scott’s house in hiding while colleagues retired for the day.

The LNP said the former Chief Justice Scott had observed the man during the day of looking somewhat “strange.” 

Police said the suspect attacked Cllr. Scott’s family at night and killed one of her daughters.

“The preliminary investigation shows no evidence of a break-in. The police are currently in search of the suspected robbers and urge the public to come forth with any information that will aid its investigation,” the statement concluded.

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One Comment

  1. What terrible and disheartening news! Today, Her Honour, Gloria Musu-Scott, former Minister of Justice & Attorney General, former Chairman of NEC, former Senator of Maryland County, R.L, and former Chief Justice of the Republic of Liberia, and members of her family were identified, targeted and her young daughter murdered with TWO other children in her household attacked and injured with Justice Scott escaping near death. A while ago, Mr. John H. Tubman, Rev. William R. Tolbert, Jr., and Mr. James Sirleaf, the sons of Liberia’s former Presidents and other poor and struggling Liberians were also murdered in a suspicious and unexplained manner. Liberia and Liberians are totally insecure and LAW AND ORDER is absolutely absent throughout Liberia. Absolutely, no Liberian is secure and protected in Liberia.

    Our Hearts go out to Justice Scoott and her family members. Liberia again and senseless deaths!

    Where are the officials of the Liberia National Bar Association (LNBA) and what concret and real steps have they taken? A PRESS RELEASE, STANDING ALONE, IS NOT ENOUGH! Let all Attorneys and Counsellor-At-Law, Judges, Associate Justices and the Chief Justice of Liberia, stay home and away from our Courts.

    The LNBA, needs not only CALL for an independent investigation to be conducted but should form a party to those senseless killings and investigations.

    Let me state and restate this: Indicative of what happed to Justice Scott and her family on Feb 8, 9, and finally on Feb 22, 2022, no Judge, no Associate Justice, no Chief Justice, no Counsellor or Attorney-At Law and no Liberian, whether rich or poor is saved and protected anywhere in Liberia.

    Where were Liberia’s Minister of Justice and the Inspector General when Justice Scott complained?

    Someone in authority in Liberia, has ordered the death of Justice Scott and her family.

    Let Liberia’s Civil Society Actors, Liberia Council of Churches and ALL Liberians act now or no longer!

    Frederick A.B. Jayweh, B.A., LL.B., LL.M.
    Counsellor-At-Law & International Affairs Director,
    Africa Center for Law & Human Rights, Inc.
    Website: http://www.africacenterforlaw.com
    Mobile: 720-731-7994

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