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Horror: Father Slaughters Child, 5

The Tusa Field community in the Township of Gardnersville, north of Monrovia on Monday came to a standstill, when a five year old girl, Patience Nyantee was mercilessly murdered by her aunt’s boyfriend identified as Jerry Weah.

The child’s brutal death occurred as a result of a conflict over $2,000 Liberian dollars between Jerry and his fiancée, Esther Nyantee.

According to eye witnesses at the crime scene, the accused Jerry Weah, believed to be 30, attempted murdering his fiancée while assaulting her, but she maneuvered and escaped the scene at which time Jerry, under pretense as a father, asked the victim to go to bed along with him.

He is reported to have subsequently stifled Patience Nyantee with a cloth before stabbing her neck with a kitchen knife following the departure of other tenants from the scene.

According to eye witnesses, the suspect reported himself to the Zone#4 Police Station in Gardnersville, where police confirmed his detention, pending investigation.

The surviving aunt, Esther Nyantee who spoke to this paper from her hospital bed at the Gardnersville Super Market Community Clinic, briefly narrated that her fiancée Jerry brutalized her because she could not produce the LD$2,000.00 upon his request.

According to her, she told Jerry that she was still selling and that she could not produce the money, claiming to have been in a casual relationship with Jerry for the past two years, but did not have a kid for him.

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Narrating in an awful mood, a close relative of Esther, Victoria Seon explained that Jerry had been demanding Esther to repay the LD$2,000 he had given her last November for business purpose, along with a profit because he was broke.

But according to Victoria, Esther could not meet up with the demand because she was recovering from a premature birth for which she could not sell.

She further noted that Jerry, a “house boy” in the Gardnersville Community got annoyed with his fiancée and brutalized her at 4am Yesterday, December 13, 2010.

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