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Hospital mistake cripples baby

The parents of a kid roughly a month old are seeking government’s intervention in a medical case involving Redemption Hospital and John F. Kennedy Medical Center in which their baby’s leg could be amputated.

According to the kid’s uncle Lusene V. Sesay, the child’s mother Aminate Doubuyah gave birth to the baby at the Redemption Medical Hospital on 9 June. Upon the birth of the baby, the uncle narrates that the doctor and nurses at the Redemption Hospital noticed that the baby was not crying and as a result of this, they decided to administer a drip on the baby’s left foot.

During the administration of the drip, the family of the baby narrates through its counsel that the medical practitioners tied the leg of the baby with a rubber hand glove and went in search of the vein.

In the process, they say the nurses attempted on several part of the baby’s foot to locate his vein, causing severe pain for the baby.During the search, the family says the nurses wrongly inserted the needle into the baby’s foot and discharged the drip which at certain point of time stopped flowing into the baby’s foot.

They say it caused absolute coldness and swelling of the victim’s foot. When the mother became concerned, she says she informed the nurses at which time they came and closed the drip and left the round rubber and needle wrongly inserted into the baby’s foot.

The family say when nurses fail to locate the baby’s vein, they cut the baby’s hair and finally inserted the needle there and administered the drip.They say it caused the victim’s foot to change color from blue to green and finally to black, leaving the baby’s toes dead.

According to the family, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jude recommended that the baby’s foot be amputated, saying they have to refer the case to JFK Medical Hospital which they did along with a report.The family says the report according to JFK Medical Hospital said the baby was born with that problem, but the family dispute the claim as misleading.

It notes the JFK Medical Hospital has allegedly abandoned the baby too, but has allegedly been pressurizing the family to sign a consent note to amputate the child without conducting any x-ray to tell the family about the current condition of the baby.

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The family’s legal team says it has called the Administrator of Redemption Hospital, requesting a comprehensive report and the name and information of the particular drug administered on the baby’s foot and the purpose of recommending amputation of the baby’s leg.The legal team says it also called the both hospitals to a conference on Monday 9, July 2018 at 2:30 pm, but only JFK showed up.

By Sally Gaye–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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