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House invites Attorney General

The House of Representatives invites the Minister of Justice, Frank Musa Dean, to appear before itsCommittee on National Security to explain reasons for delay in releasing findings of investigation into the mysterious death of a Liberia, Mr. FayiahKettorin the plantation ofthe Liberia Agricultural Company or LAC in Grand Bassa County, and failure by the Ministry toconduct an autopsy on the corpse of Mr. Robert Toe, who was discovereddead in the compound of ArcelorMittal in Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County, respectively.

According to a communication to plenary from Grand BassaCounty district #4 Representative Vicent S. T. Willie, the late FayiahKettor, who was an employee of LAC, went missing from thecompany’s medical facility in Wee Statutory District, Grand Bassa,while undergoing treatment.

What led to his disappearance from thehospital is yet to be established.Representative Willie notes in his community that within couple of days after the deceased’s disappearance and subsequent efforts made to find him yieldednothing, the corpse was discovered in the plantation.

The Grand BassaCounty lawmaker adds that there was serious tensionin the plantation as a result of the incident, which nearly caused burning down of the hospital and other facilities.

However, he notes theMinistry of Justice and the county authorities made several strides toput the situation under control, as citizens, and family members’ anger was amplifying day by day.Willie explains that an investigation was conducted by the Ministry of Justice to establish the cause of death, with a promiseto report to the family through the county leadership as soon as possible.

But he laments that it is over four months now and no information has been released both to the family and the general public on the results of
the investigation.The lawmaker continues that in the wake of the FayiahKettor situation in Wee Statutory District, another death occurred in the compound of Arcelor Mittal in Buchanan City and the cause of death is similarly yet to be established.

He says since the incident, it has come to his understanding thatno autopsy has been conducted to establish the cause of death of deceasedRobert Toe, and police have attributed lack of logistics as factor for the delay in conducting an autopsy, therefore, asking Plenary to invite the Justice Minister.By Bridgett Milton–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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