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House passes Vocational Training Act for River Gee

The House of Representatives has passed an act establishing a Vocational and Technical Training Institute in Fish Town, River Gee County. n a report from the Committee on Education and Public Administration, the committee says it has observed that about 60 percent of the young people in the rural parts of Liberia including River Gee County do not enjoy a stronger job creation mechanism.

The Committee also observes that there are no alternative programs that will provide for young workers particularly for the contemporary labor market. As a result, the House Committee notes that youths migrate into urban areas and exacerbate urban unemployment against the backdrops that they come to confront obstacles including discrimination due to lack of skills and experience.

The committee also notes that the numbers of poor working youths have increased annually in a county with such an impressive pool of talents and creativity. The committee draws the attention of lawmakers to Article 6 of the Liberian Constitution which provides for equal access to educational opportunities and facilities for all citizens making use of the available resources with emphasis on mass education of the Liberian people and the elimination of illiteracy.

The Committee recommends to plenary to see reason to pass the Act to establish the Vocational and Technical Institute into law since it is intended to contribute to sustainable development through youth employment to curtail wastefulness of youth potentials due to lack of skill.

For his part, River Gee County Rep. Christian S. Chea says he is rejoicing over the passage of the Act on grounds that it brings some credibility to him as a lawmaker.

He says his people will highly appreciate him for the move, adding that some of the young people in the rural areas do not have the skills, thus making life difficult for them. But with the passage of the Vocational Training Institute Act for River Gee County, he says it will bring some relief to the young people of the county.
By Bridgett Milton –Edited by Winston W. Parley

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