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House probes US$100 million cocaine case

By Bridgett Milton

The House of Representatives has instructed its committee on National Security to gather information from the Liberia National Police (LNP) and the Ministry of Justice on facts and circumstances surrounding the US$100 million cocaine saga in the country.

Plenary requests the committee to establish alternative measures being pursued in finding the actual perpetrators.

Recently, jurors at Criminal Court “C” unanimously acquitted four defendants accused of importing into Liberia, 520 kilograms of cocaine valued at US$100 million. The drugs were offloaded at TRH warehouse in Topoe Village, importer of frozen poultry products. 

The multi-million drug case in Liberia has raised more concerns among people in and out of Liberia.

One of those disappointed about the court ruling in the case is United States Ambassador Michael McCarthy, who said in a recent press conference, like many Liberians, including the Minister of Justice, he was saddened to see the acquittal of suspects in both a recent human trafficking case and in the $100 million cocaine trafficking case.

”While I hesitate to second guess any jury and fully admit that I am not privy to all the details of the prosecution or their defenses, I hope this does not send a signal of weakness in enforcement to international criminal cartels” Amb. McCarthy expressed.

However, Amb. McCarthy said from an outsider’s perspective, it is alarming that conviction could not be obtained in Liberia, even when the evidence seemed so overwhelming.

The Ambassador said he is worried about what these developments portend for Liberia’s Justice sector, which the United States Government has supported with many millions of dollars over the years in capacity development.

Meanwhile, the committee is expected to report to the full plenary within a week.

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