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How Collaborating Organizations are fighting substance and drug abuse in Liberia

Substance and drug abuse in Liberia is a major contributing factor to the destruction of many children, young men and women. Eventually, this is leading to an increase in criminal activities because these youth who are mostly unemployed, are engaged in criminal activities to support their hobbies.

The trigger down effect is on the guilt-free population that suffers the most from varying unlawful acts exhibited by substance abusers including the smashing of personal belongings, scams, theft, etc.

According to the Liberian Drugs Enforcement Agency (LDEA), there are approximately 355 ghettos in Montserrado County alone. Of the 355, 88 new ghettos were added in 2022. It is recorded that 60% of the ghettos are permanent and 40% are make-shifts.

From observation, there is an increase in the number of ghettos during the dry season because most drug-addicted people use wetlands to establish temporary ghettos.

In the midst of these circumstances, using youth as a tool to create awareness against substance abuse in Liberia and creating a robust psychosocial rehabilitation program is cardinal.

Consequently, 11 organizations tagged ‘Collaboration of Emerging Youth Organizations are fighting substance abuse among youth in Liberia. The organization is led by Adam M. Kyne of the A.M. Kyne collegiate Resource Center.

From March 21 to April 13, 2020, a two-week intensive training for 115 members of the collaborating organizations took place at the A.M. Kyne Collegiate Resource Center. The training focused on topics such as the science of addiction, Brain Basics, Cognitive Circle, Substance Abuse Addiction, Stages of change in dual Recovery, counseling, effective communication, brain contemplation, Relapse, Direct social work practice, among others.

Upon completion of the training, the collaboration has been engaged in field awareness in ghettos in Monrovia and identifying with drug/substance abusers. On April 17, 2022, the collaboration donated five 50ft canopies to shelter disadvantaged drug/substance abusers who live on the third floor of an abandoned building on Center Street in Monrovia.

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An eight-week outreach is expected to roll out in May with the sole intent of providing awareness, counseling and feeding to ghetto dwellers.

One of whom is more particular about the collaboration is Sunnie Antonio Marcar Jr, Executive Director of Leading Youths to Foster Transformation in Africa (LYFT Africa) whose organization has the highest representation. Volunteers from LYFT Africa include Francis M. Sayon, Jr., Momodu Gray, Jayah B.D Konuwah III, Annita S. Morlue, Aaron H. Peters, Princess David, Abu S. Kaba, Urias G. Tarpeh, Lee K.B. Jackson, Patrick M. Kpaka, Charles S. Ricks, Sr, and Luisene A.K. Scott.

These volunteers are very passionate about the transformation of their peers and have assiduously worked overtime to form part of the EC and awareness process.

The organizations are supported by at least three well-trained and professional medical practitioners who provide detoxification and counseling for drug abusers who are willing to change.

In the coming days, the collaboration intends to supply food and non-food items to drug-affected youth in ghettos in Monrovia and its environs. Hence, it is soliciting the good of the public in buttressing its efforts.

When the urge to reach out to the collaboration arises, please do not hesitate to contact the lead organization on +231 77 043 6125 or email a.m.kynecol@gmail.com.

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