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How Concerned Christians Men Can Help Fight Breast Cancer – Part I

Who yor think I am? Yor na know me, my people? Da me again. Da me Pekin Paul. My mou’h na scared seh. I can put my mou’h there. Where? Just on anything. My mou’h na scared. Da me say so.

I say, my people, ehn yor remember what I wrote the last time about one of the most effective ways to fight breast cancer? It was about a report released by a group of medical doctors who said that they have discovered that the more a woman’s breasts are sucked, the less likely it is for her to develop breast cancer. Da small thing? In fact, some people are planning to open breast-sucking businesses in Liberia, and they are recruiting experienced breast suckers. Any applications?

Yor just let me say it another way, my people. Trained doctors are saying that when we suck a woman’s breasts plenty time – that is, more regularly – it will be hard for that woman to suffer from breast cancer. Da na good news, my people? Da good news. You like it, jacko; you na like it, Jack-o’-Lantern. Da me say so.

Ehn because da good news, some concerned Christians are thinking about what to do to help their fellowmen to be free of breast cancer. This is a good Christian spirit that should be encouraged. Thinking and doing something about helping others not to get sick is a clear example of selflessness that should be encouraged and promoted.

Breast cancer is a terrible thing. Let all concerned Christian men do something to prevent women from developing breast cancer, even if it means helping women against their will or wishes. The reason is that, in many instances, a lot of people who have problems or are in danger fail to realize that they need help, and they need someone to force that help on them some kinda way. This is where concerned Christian men come in.

Since not sucking a woman’s breasts could cause that woman to get breast cancer, concerned male pastors should start doing something about it. For example, after service, when the female members go to him to a pastor to greet him, he should grab a few and suck their breasts quick, quick just like that. He should do it every Sunday. Breast cancer is a terrible thing. It is about forcing help on those who don’t realize that they need help. A pastor should be willing to help those in need. Da me say so.

But it is not only male pastors that should help to fight breast cancer. Ordinary male Christians should get involved in the process, too. It is all about the male Christians’ desire to participate in the campaign to help women not to suffer from breast cancer. Christians have a duty to help their fellowmen. Da me say so.

During praise and worship, for example, when everyone is jumping here and there dancing, a situation that can cause breast bouncing, the male Christians should go near the women around them and suck their breasts quick, quick just like that. They should not be there and allow women to get breast cancer for nothing, especially when they know what to do to prevent that from happening. It is about forcing help on those who do not realize that they need it. Da me say so.

Also, when the praise and worship ends and everyone has taken their seat, the male Christians in the church should observe the various breasts they see and suck a few that they think has the possibility of developing cancer anytime soon. Da me say so. It is about forcing help on those who do not realize that they need it. Da me say so. Breast cancer is a terrible thing.

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