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How Foreigners Are Destroying Liberia Under President Weah

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Liberia emerged from terrible and brutal civil wars 20-years ago. The wars came to an end with the abutment of other foreign fighters such as Ghanaians, Nigerians, Guineans, Ivorians, Senegalese, Togolese, and many other countries within the West African belt. The government and citizens of Liberia truly acknowledge all the admirable and sacrificial efforts and time utilized by those foreign fighters advisedly to get Liberia back into the community of peaceful nations. Today Liberians still reminiscence how the foreign soldiers from West Africa were murdered, some were buried alive, some did not have the opportunities to return to their native homelands, their loved ones, wives, husbands, children and families in the name of restoring unanimity and tranquility to the Liberian nation.

On the toss side, the Liberian civil wars were also a profitable venture for most surviving soldiers according to some unimpeachable sources. Some of the surviving soldiers vehemently rewarded themselves in many different ways. Some left behind thousands of war children born to Liberia women. Some took hundreds of Liberian girls across to their native homelands and turned them into sex machines and children producing entities. A story is told of hundreds of Nigerian soldiers who took hundreds of Liberians girls to Nigeria as sex slaves and others as their personal side concubines. Some Liberians girls were murdered, some were used as some sacrificial lambs, and others simply disappeared in the middle of the night and had not been seen nor were they ever fortunate to return to Liberia. Many of the peacekeeping soldiers’ children who were left behind in Liberia have become potential liabilities in the Liberian society. Most of the girls whose lives were ruined by the so-called peacekeepers have either become vagabond, beggars, will ward, prostitutes or common hustlers in the Liberian society.

The peacekeepers did not stop there, most of them destroyed matrimonial homes, by forcefully taking married women away from their homes and at some point, they murdered their husbands in cold blood. Some married women intentionally abandoned their matrimonial homes in exchanged for peacekeepers, thus creating a domestic revolution in most Liberian homes. Among the peacekeeper, there were those who paid themselves by looting Liberia’s mineral resources as it was evident when the 2nd Nigerian battalion of soldiers willfully looted, Bong Mines, looted electrical wires, took train track rocks from the soil and vandalized Yekepa communities and devastated the Buchanan’s Port. In addition, the 4th battalion of a batch of Nigerian soldiers established twelve different gold and diamond mines in Sinoe, Lofa river, Cape mount, Gbapolu and lower Margibi counties. According to reliable eyewitnesses, the Nigerian and Guineans peacekeepers also looted banks. Soldiers who were aids victim managed to infected hundreds of Liberian girls, some of whom died prematurely from such a dangerous virus and other sicknesses.

20-years later, the peacekeepers are once again trooping into Liberia this time as foreign civilians, distinctly, they are giving a red-carpet welcomed by the government of Liberia under president Weah. In the past, they came as peacekeeping soldiers. Today, they are coming to Liberia in the name of a business to create employment opportunities for Liberian according to them. Most of them, especially the Nigerians are not only coming with their handbags. They are coming with luggage filled with drugs such as cocaine, heroin to mess the mind of young Liberians who will then become a material liability in the Liberian society. Some foreigners are well-organized professional armed robbers. Some have turned an armed robbery into a fabulous business in Liberia working hand-in-hand with their Liberian counterparts, especially the 16000 ex-Liberian dangerous rebel fighters.

Foreigners in Liberia are unchecked and unmonitored. Their population is currently competing with Liberia’s legal population of almost 4 million inhabitants, which could be an exaggeration, but a true fact. Liberia will soon be destroyed through the hands of foreigners under president Weah because of the high level of money laundering, black marketeering, and anti-freeze market availability. There are no doubts in my mind that both the Liberia currency and the US dollar are being manufactured in Nigeria and dumped simultaneously on the Liberian market around Liberia.

Even Nigerian banks in Liberia are three times infested with counterfeits US notes to the detriment of the weak Liberian economy. This is one reason why there Liberia is experiencing high inflation rates in Liberia to the surprise of Liberian themselves. Sources have revealed that foreigners have to their advantage vital human parts markets already up and running in Monrovia by well-organized Mafia bodies with well well-trained killers on the loose killing innocent Liberians daily in order Liberia purposely in search of vital human parts to keep the human parts market functional and lucrative.

President Weah should be told that the foreigners he is welcoming in Liberia are not coming to Liberia because they loved him or the nation or because he was elected as President. They are trooping into Liberia for four cardinal reasons: First, to rub the citizens of their dignity and rights as a people. Second, to take away the remaining resources in the nation. Third, to have their own private gold and diamond creeks in remote Liberia, fourth, to engage in dubious activities such as money laundering, the spread of counterfeits all around the country by duping innocent Liberian businesses. Fifth, to get engage in small businesses that Liberian would have taken advantage of in Liberia. Seven, to take Liberian jobs away from them. Eight, to take Liberians land away from them. Nine, to take Liberian women away due to poverty and other dangerous undertakings.

But a lot more questions arose about foreigners coming to Liberia: Are the foreigners coming to Liberia because the Weah led government is weak? Are they taking advantage of Liberian generosity? Are they using their financial might to influence our policies and laws in Liberia? Are they trooping to Liberia because Liberia has very weak immigration laws? Are they taking advantage of Liberia’s poor economic status and corrupt judiciary, or are they insulting Liberia’s severity?

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