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How Inspired Are You? 3 Significant Ways to Always Be

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It is no longer news to say that we live in a very challenging world. Even the Bible, God’s WORD, confirms it. Whether we admit it or not, we get beaten at one time or the other by the storms of life – the regrets of yesterday’s failures and the pains that come with them, the fear of the unknown bearing with it the challenge of the future.

What is inspiration? It is the stimulation of the human mind towards creative thought and work. It is the inner drive or power that propels us to achieve more in life. Inspiration is also called motivation. The question here is this: HOW INSPIRED ARE YOU? HOW MOTIVATED ARE YOU TO PURSUE YOUR DREAMS, AMIDST ALL ODDS?

Inspiration never leaves you without aspiring for greatness. You always find a reason to be better than you are, when you are inspired. Inspiration helps you stay on your dreams. Outlined below are 3 significant ways you can always be inspired:

1. Read and listen to motivational materials: The first inspirational material I always recommend is the Bible – God’s Word. In addition to reading the Bible, read motivational books by great motivational authors; listen to audio CDs and watch DVDs of great preachers and motivators; go to the internet and get inspirational materials. Finally, I encourage you to visit my blog ( regularly and get inspired on a daily basis.

2. Move around achievers and motivated people: Moving around achievers and motivated people will help you in no little way. The statement: “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are” holds true in this regard. Walk with people that have gone ahead of you and learn from them.

3. Make positive confessions/declarations at all times: Making positive confessions and declarations regularly helps you stay optimistic (positive) at all times. It also helps to build up in you confidence, hope and courage to face the future, no matter the present circumstances. Positive confessions and declarations should be made always, even when the goings are rough and highly challenging.

As you pay attention to follow these 3 points outlined above, I assure you that you will always stay inspired 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. So, I challenge you: Stay always inspired!

Ambassador Samuel A. Ajayi, a Nigerian-born Liberian, is a prolific writer and author, a motivational speaker per excellence and an online publisher (blogger). He is the author of the fast-selling, much sought-after book under the L.I.F.E. MEDITATION BOOK SERIES, titled “The True Essence Of Friendship”. The Ambassador is a man committed to making positive impact through motivation. He therefore publishes monthly, the Life Inspirational For Everyday (L.I.F.E.) MEDITATION at You can contact him on (+231)888108644 or write to order for his book or for free counsel and motivational advice.

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