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How much Ellen worths?

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on Tuesday 13, June released her latest assets information to the public putting her net worth (assets minus liability) at USD1, 707, 279.64 (one million, seven hundred and seven thousand, two hundred seventy –nine and sixty-four cent). The president’s income and assets declaration includes her gross annual salary of LRD1, 684, 500.00 and an annual allowance of USD72, 000.

According to President Sirleaf at the time she was filing her Income Assets Declaration form, she had only USD3, 255.00 cash on hand on February 2, 2017. The highest among in the President’s account, according to her declaration is the USD153, 006.00 which is in her Bank of America account situated in Charlotte, U.S.A.

President Sirleaf also has total investments in securities, stock, bonds, etc at 765, 317.00 all in the Vanguard Mutual Fund in Valley Forge, PA, U.S.A. and American Fund, Los Angeles Ca.

The President’s assets were declared before the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission on February 2, 2017 and it also contains her income tax returns.

“In an environment of rumors, conspiracies, lies and suspicions, it is important that those holding high public office disclose their financial status to the public”, President Sirleaf pointed out in a statement issued by the Executive Mansion on Tuesday.

“I further call on all presidential aspirants, to consider in their own interest to do the same”, she noted.
She then said that the records of her family members, including those based abroad are clear and subject to the stringent laws of said countries, thus addressing any suspicion of family members holding assets that belong to her.-Othello B. Garblah

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