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How President Weah’s Government Can Reduce Hardship in Liberia?

—–Let Lebanese and Foreign businesses create jobs for Liberians
The Lebanese factor: Lebanese and other entrepreneurs are having an enormous and most outstanding good time within the Liberian feeble business environment. The Lebanese and other petty foreign businesses in Liberia are potential contributing elements to the ongoing hardship being experienced by most Liberians with past governments paying deaf ears to a common business regulatory rudiment that should help get Liberian out of hardship.

Past governments’ officials failed to carry out simple Liberian business policy. That is because a huge array of government officials has either taken permanent residence in the wallets of the Lebanese business people or they are dinning and winning with them at the detriment of Liberian business policy in Liberia. As a result, government officials in Liberia have been virtually paralyzed and vulnerable to the business power of Lebanese cash tycoons who controlled the lifespan of Liberian politicians in Liberia.

For example, the Lebanese business people and other business partners will open several stores in Liberia and eventually bring along with them their brothers, sisters, nephews, cousins, loved ones, grandfathers, grandmothers, and friends from Lebanon to be employed in those stores. In other words, they erect these stores and employed their own people who will then take the profits of those stores back to Lebanon and other places, leaving thousands and thousands of Liberians stranded with no jobs as they get submerged slowly in hardships and poverty.

At some point, those businesses may hire just a single Liberian, the rest will be Lebanese imported directly from Lebanon and other places to be the benefactors of those stores to the detriment of native Liberians. This same method is applied to other smaller businesses that are manned by unpatriotic Nigerians, Fulani, Guineans, and Ghanaians in Liberia just to name a few. This form of business practices in Liberia by foreigners is creating hardships and social degradation for Liberians. These ugly business practices should be declared unacceptable under the Weah’s government.

Every Lebanese entity erected in Liberia should have only one Lebanese the rest of the employees should be Liberians. Each Lebanese story should contain four Liberian employees each. Every store should have an account officer who should be a Liberian. He/she should be mandated by the Weah’s government to abreast the government on how much a store generates in a month time including profits accrued. The rest of the sale representatives and procurement staff in each store should also be exclusively Liberians employees.

This type of business methodology should be enforced by businesses manned by foreigners across Liberia, and violators should be thrown in jail or be asked to leave Liberia, and by the same token, the government should keep running their businesses/stores for the benefit of Liberians. Investment of any kind in Liberia should benefit all Liberians and not the foreigner themselves. For instance, the ECO Bank in Liberia should provide employment to three (3) Nigerians only. The rest of the employees should be exclusively Liberian employees in all ranking sectors of the ECO Bank.

This approach should be reflected and enforced by all entities across Liberia. Nigerians and other foreign businesses in Liberia should practice this approach which in turn will create massive employment opportunities for Liberians to get out of hardship. Foreign missions such as diplomatic embassies accredited to Liberia, PVOs and NGOs should only employ Liberians and not foreigners. President Weah’s Commerce Minister should enforce this idea. It will help to minimize hardship among some Liberians in Liberia. This approach will create more and more jobs for Liberians. It will also enforce good living condition because massive jobs will be secured.

The Weah’s government should declare as a labor crime for any foreign businesses that will sideline Liberians and make job offers available to foreigners. In short, no foreigner should be employed in Liberia in both the private and public sectors for any reason. Such method will reduce hardship on Liberians. The Chinese factor is becoming a night mere in Liberia. The Chinese are heavily engaged in the sale of cold-water on our streets, marketing of charcoal, breaking firewood, mining sands and rocks are unacceptable, and the Weah’s government should halt such a practice.

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The Chinese shouldn’t be a serious competing force to Liberian small businesses in Liberia. The Weah’s government should create an innovative working team that will engage ordinary Liberians to go in rock mining, charcoal, and firewood businesses for them to earn money to survive and gets the Chinses out of those petty Liberians businesses. The Weah’s government will need to move swiftly to protect small Liberian business interests. What other foreigners cannot do in China, Chinese shouldn’t do those things Liberia as well.

Ghanaians, Nigerians, Sierra Leoneans, and Guineans have taken over all the market spots in Monrovia. This form of free market enterprise system should be discouraged. Our market women shouldn’t be competing with foreigners for market spaces, good, and services with foreigners. The Weah’s government should ensure that our market women get the first-hand privilege and best of opportunities in their native land when it comes to the full protection of Liberian small businesses.

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