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How Pro-temp Chie stabs Weah

Politics in Africa is a nasty game and players or actors go all out in having their wishes, including supporting rival candidates, as the President Pro-Tempore of the Liberian Senate, a senior member of President Weah’s ruling Coalition of Democratic Change has disclosed here.

Pro-Tempore Albert Chie disclosed in plenary Wednesday during session that he personally paid poll workers of opposition Senator Abraham Darious Dillon, against the governing CDC candidate Pualita C.C. Wie in the 2019 senatorial by-election According to final poll results released by the National Elections Commission, Dillon received 55.74 percent of the total votes cast against CDC Wie’s 34.77 percent. Dillon’s landslide victory in Montserrado County uprooted the CDC from its once stronghold, a defeat the Coalition is yet to recover from despite its standard bearer, President George Weah lifting the hand of miss Wie to supporters in the campaign.

Speaking in plenary Thursday, Pro-Tempore Chie boasted that prior to the election of Dillon to the senate, he (Chie) paid Dillon from his personal pocket for services rendered and personally contributed to paying his pool workers during the 2019 senatorial by-election that brought Dillon to the Capitol as senator.

Senator Dillon has admitted that Senate President Pro-Tempore Albert Chie gave him US$3,000 to pay his poll workers during the 2019 senatorial by-election, which he won against the governing Coalition for Democratic Change.

Senator Dillon’s admission came Wednesday, June 3rd, when Pro-Tempore Chie informed plenary that he has no intention of removing the Montserrado County that he personally gave US$3,000 to pay his poll workers when he (Dillon) wasn’t able to pay them after the by-election.

Chie explained that to disprove public perception and belief among some senators that he has motive to boot Dillon out of the Liberian Senate for his critical stance, he and Dillon have had personal interactions and therefore, harbors no intention of removing him, as is being speculated.

The Pro-Tempore also disclosed that he has in his possession a text message from Dillon, asking him for money to pay his poll workers. Pro-Tempore Chie further explained Dillon had said lot of things in the senate but comes in public and does something totally different, lamenting that it is not honorable for someone to say something different behind people and comes in public and act perfect to gain public sentiments.

He added that since Dillon became Senator, every weekend, he has given him (Dillon) more than US$15, 000 and named Senator Kaipay of Grand Bassa County as witness. “There is no way Senator Dillon can say the Pro-temp has a premeditated mind to expel him from the Senate. Dillon lives a double life.” Chie claimed.Editing by Jonathan Browne

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