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How To Master Your Destiny – Part 1

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Fortune smiles on the audacious, on those who pioneer. In the entire world and every country, people are looking for a leader to follow. They want anyone to think for them and to guide them. They want somebody to blame if anything miscarries, and they want somebody who will share his glory with them if success crowns effort. In order for people to have confidence in a person, that person must first have confidence in himself/herself. A Martin Luther King or A Nelson Mandela who did not believe in himself could never be possible. It is the knowledge of their own capabilities that made such men powerful, highly respected and invincible. They set no limit to their abilities, and in consequence their capacity was limitless. The universal mind understands all, and can do everything. We participate in this absolute force to the extent that we permit ourselves to do so.

Our mental attitude is like a magnet that attract everything we need to make our desire come true, and we ourselves make our magnet strong or weak according to whether we have confidence in our abilities, doubt them. We appropriate power according to our thoughts, and this can be either limited or unlimited: it depends upon us. There is no reason not to aspire to any position or honor, your mind is able to give you everything that you need. It is no more difficult for your mind to solve a complex problem than to solve a simple one, even as it is in those of a great nation. Do not use your mind to solve useless and insignificant problems with same efforts you can solve the problem real significant to yourself or even to the world. Do not waste your time on useless and insignificant activities. Put your mind to positive use always.

Start something. Use your initiative. Give your mind something for it to work on. The greatest secret of all success is initiated. That is the quality which contributes more than any other to the achievements of mankind. Think of something; think of it first in mind. From your plan there and your subconscious mind will do the rest to make your idea becomes a reality. Drive yourself, it is the men of vision and imagination who have caused the advances in the world; without them, we would still be in the stone or ice age. You have a contribution to make to the world you are as great as those mentioned. Positive thinking is the key to the good life. I’m talking about positive thinking positive thinking backed by efforts and actions. Yes, Galileo looked at the moon, and dreamed of learning more about it, and the telescope was the result of his dream. Watt dreamed of what could be done with the power of steam, and the machine age was born.  Franklin dreamed of harnessing the energy of lightning, and today we have that very energy at our constant service. That imagination opens the eyes of the mind, and there is no good imaginable that can be realized in our daily life. It is the imagination that is the motivation behind such success. Everybody wants to forge ahead and to evolve, and imagination is the broad highway along which he/she must tread. This is so whether or not you had an education, money or opportunities.

Never forget this: Your subconscious mind has known more since you were in the cradle than it is possible to learn from all of the books or from any of the universities in the whole wide world. Do not allow the fact that you lack an education hold you back, because your mind is capable of meeting all necessities and it will always do so if given the chance.

J. Benedict Lewis is a community development and strategic project management expert as well as an inspirational and motivational lecturer and a researcher. He can be reached at Cell#: 0886642073/0776017204 or through email:

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