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Humanitarian group identifies with the poor

A humanitarian group called Miracle for the Homeless has distributed some food items to the disadvantaged and people living with disabilities in Mount Barclay and Morris Farm in Montserrado County. Among items distributed Monday, 8 October were 15 bags of rice and other items.

According to Miracle for the Homeless Country Director Varney Paye Saywen, it has always been the dream of the founder of the group Miracle Gbayee to identify with those who are in need.He says she has been identifying with other people in different communities around Monrovia, such as Buchanan Street, PHP Community and Duport Road, among others.

However, Mr. Saywen has told the beneficiaries that Madam Gbayee, prior to her departure to the United States was challenged by life in the slum.Mr. Saywen lauds the effort of Timothy Kpeh, National Executive Director of the United Youth for Peace, Education, and Transparency & Development in Liberia for linking Miracle for the Homeless with the beneficiaries.

“Let’s say thanks to Timothy Kpeh who actually fought his way to make the connection. It’s because of you that we have come to see these people. Timothy let’s God bless you for the effort”, Saywen says.Some of the beneficiaries lauded Miracle for the Homeless for the initiative, expressing hope that the intervention will be a continuous process.

“I tell God thank you for the thing you’re doing for us. We depend on begging to live. We will pray to God everyday to bless y’all to do more. We’re tire begging everyday,” Eddie Gboyah of Mount Barclay says.
Another beneficiary of Mount Barclay, David Boyah says: “We thank Miracle for what she brought for us. One day I was crying because as a man I depend on begging to survive. So with the help of God today we get blessing through the people here”.

James Toby of Morris Farm expresses excitement for the humanitarian gesture. “I pray that the lady, Miracle who sent these things that God will give her more money to help us more. I want to tell Timothy thank you for what [they are] doing for us,” James says.

For her part, a beneficiary only identified as Victoria, commended the donor for the items provided.“We thank Sis. Miracle and we will be in prayer with her that God will bless her more,” Victoria says.Timothy Kpeh, National Executive Director of the United Youth for Peace, Education, and Transparency & Development in Liberia called on the beneficiaries to be transparent in the distribution of the items.The group put the value of the donated items at L$102, 600. A cash of US$150 was also presented to the blind to cover some expenses.

By Ethel A. Tweh–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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