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Rural News

Hunter shoots colleague in Gbarpolu forest

Reports from Bopolu City, Gbarpolu County say police in the area are investigating a hunter identified as Aaron Sumo for allegedly shooting and wounding a colleague while on a hunting expedition in the Gbarpolu Forest.

In a situation report to Acting County Superintendent Yassah Fallah, the Commissioner of Gou-Gwalaila Moses Wallah, said victim Dogbateh Kolo, 30, was shot in the right leg when he climbed a tree to retrieve an animal he had earlier shot.

The report disclosed that Sumo fired his gun immediately he saw the tree shaking, only to later realize that he had shot a human being and not an animal.

He reportedly rushed to town and informed the people that he had accidentally shot Kolo and needed help to bring him in town. Victim Kolo is presently undergoing traditional treatment in Palakwale Town, while Sumo has been detained at the Bopolu City Police Depot pending court trail.

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