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The Political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Mr. Alexander B. Cummings says, he is committed to this country and will do everything to unseat this government at the ballot in 2023. “I am committed to this country,” Cummings told the New Dawn Tuesday, June 1, during conversations. The former Coca-Cola executive further told the New Dawn that his commitment to the country is unflinching and he will campaign to ensure that come 2023, the CPP will wrestle power from the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) administration.

“I will travel the length and breadth of this country. I was in West Point last week, and the way our people live gives me the energy to want to serve them,” Mr. Cummings asserted.The ANC political leader who is certain to get the nod for the CPP’s presidential slot said he can defeat Weah comes 2023.

The CPP will make it difficult for the Liberian people to re-elect George Weah comes 2023. “We will make it difficult for the people to go in different direction,” he stated. He said of the controversy surrounding the vice presidential slot that the position of a vice President doesn’t fit him and therefore he cannot be a vice president to anyone.“I will not be a vice, it doesn’t fit me,” Cummings added.

He said being a vice will not allow him to function independently and implement those things he desire for the Liberian people-rather he would only take orders from the chief executive.

His comment which is being reiterated comes days after his closet contender for the standard bearership of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), former Vice President Joseph N. Boakai also declined to go as vice president to any candidate.

Mr. Boakai insists that with his experience, he can only head the ticket of the CPP if not, he will back off and support which ever candidate is chosen by the collaborating parties.Commenting on the promises being made by President Weah, Mr. Cummings said he don’t believe that Weah is going to do those roads he has promised to build.

The ANC political leader paying tribute to former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said, the current road contracts which this government boast of were all negotiated during her regime. He noted that as long as the Weah administration cannot give their part of the commitment towards the construction of those roads, there is no way donor partners are going to invest their money into them.He said donors want to ensure that the government is ready by giving their part of the commitment and that the Weah regime has failed to deliver on.

“We can’t keep during the same thing and expect a different result,” Cummings stated adding, “The best way to predict future performance and behavior is based on past performances and behaviors.”He said President Weah has never ran an organization before and therefore lacks the experience to lead this country out of its current mess.

“I don’t think George Weah was ever a captain of any team although he was almost the best player on all the teams he played for but was never a captain, because for you to be appointed a captain you must have demonstrated a good leadership skill,” Cummings said of Weah’s leadership ability.

Mr. Cummings bemoaned the country’s underdevelopment and wonder why we can’t do it if countries in the sub-region are moving ahead with development. He argued that with the lack of leadership ability in the current administration, the only path to recovery is voting Weah out. By Othello B. Garblah

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