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I bought Teahjay his first cell phone

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In a rather tit-for-tat manner Coalition for Democratic Change or CDC leader Senator George Weah has sharply reacted to Senator J. Milton Teahjay’s characterization of him (Weah) as a “hustler”, saying Teahjay is not his peer and that he lacks moral high grounds to bring him to public ridicule.

Speaking to this paper exclusively on Thursday, 8 December in his office at the Capitol Building, Weah said Teahjay should rather think how he would clear his name from the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission indictment list, for allegedly corrupting finances intended for the development in Sinoe County.

According to him, Teahjay has a tainted character whenever he is given an opportunity to serve, which was glaring when he had the opportunity to serve as superintendent of Sinoey.  “Teahjay knows we are not peers politically, economically and popularity-wise. Just recently, Teahjay credited US$400 and a motorbike from me. I bought Teahjay his first cell phone when he returned from the United States for the elections. How I could be a hustler? He should be thinking of how to clear his name from the corruption list than attacking me recklessly. We will ensure that the Liberian people’s monies misapplied by him be repaid immediately through the legal means,” Weah retorted in anger.  Teahjay, a former stalwart of the Congress for Democratic Change on Monday described George Weah as a big time hustler, who he said, survives at the expense of other politicians.
Speaking to Legislative Reporters in the chambers of the Liberian Senate, he alleged that during the 2011 Presidential and Legislative Elections, Weah then political leader of the Congress for Democratic Change, criminally received US$200,000 from the standard bearer of the Liberty Party, Cllr. Charles Brumskine under the pretense of forming coalition, but in the middle of the deal, the CDC strongman dumped Brumskine.
According to him, Weah with impunity walked away with such huge amount, leaving the Liberty Party in a serious financial deficiency and that Cllr. Brumskine and his party had to struggle to raise additional funds for his campaign.
Teahjay: “At the time, I was a stalwart of the CDC which nobody can challenge, which was of the worse thing I have seen from a political actor. Weah and his CDC are total hustlers. I doubt that the new coalition will work because the Coalition is nothing but group of hustlers especially, on the shoulders of other actors.”
But Weah said he did not receive a dime from Cllr. Charles Brumskine or the Liberty Party for any political deal, and also did not receive a dime from Cllr. Winston Tubman to give him the standard bearer post of the Congress for Democratic Change during the 2011 elections.
He noted that both Cllrs. Brumskine and Tubman are still alive and they can attest to the actual happenings between the two political parties and him.  He emphasized that Teahjay should be putting plans into place how he could make his contribution to Liberia and Liberians than wanting to brand his hard earned character aimlessly.
“Teahjay despite him being senator still runs to my house for financial assistance when things are tight. I respect him and don’t want to express anything ugly about him. Teahjay was merely living with me during the 2005 elections; at that time he did not know I was a hustler? But one thing I know the Liberian people and God Almighty is our judge,” he lamented.
He said it was unfortunate for such an ungraceful man to make such reckless statement against his hard class character, vowing to make sure Teahjay faces legal process to account for alleged stolen wealth that he used to become senator.

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