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I can’t comment on what God told PYJ

-Sen. Wesseh

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River Gee County Senator, Conmany B. Wesseh says he reserved comments on recent revelation by Senator Yormie Johnson that God told him (Johnson) in a dream that President George Manneh Weah would rig the next presidential election in 2023.Sen. Wesseh is a bold critic of Senator Johnson. He recently challenged the Nimba County Senator, who is also leader of the disbanded Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia (INPFL) to take full responsibility for killing President Samuel Kanyon Doe on September 9, 1990 at the Freeport of Monrovia rather than hiding behind the people of Nimba for his actions.

But when asked Tuesday to comment on Sen. PYJ’s latest prophecy from God during a brief visit at the offices of the New Dawn on Crown Hill, Broad Street in Monrovia Senator Wesseh categorically asserts, “I cannot comment on what he claims God has told him.”
Senator Johnson was a staunch supporter of Mr. Weah during the runoff poll in 2017 won by the now ruling Coalition for Democratic Change.

Also an evangelist and preacher, PYJ had told a gathering recently in Nimba that the pending 2023 presidential and Legislative elections will be rigged by the governing Coalition for Democratic Change or CDC. Therefore, he will not waste his time to contest for the presidency.
“Prophetically speaking, I am a man of God. I’m a man of God and this is not something bad I’m saying about this government-I say it will be rigged by this government to remain in power,” Sen. Johnson said during an interview after the dedication of his newly constructed college in Nimba.The senator went further: “I see some confusion between the citizens and some people (after the 2023 elections). I see more demonstrations. I see chaos. If it don’t happen don’t believe me.”

Sen. Johnson said the current economy situation and the cry from public servants about non-payment of salaries would turn the public against the government.He told his compatriots that because of the plan to rig the 2023 elections he has decided not to waste his to throw his hat in the 2023 presidential race, rather he would seek reelection in the senate. “I will go to the Senate, because you know why, I see this, 2023, it will be rigged” Sen. Johnson said.

Senator Johnson a two time presidential candidate in both the 2011 and 2017 elections and a key player in the election of President George Weah in the presidential runoff in 2017, said the rigging of the 2023 presidential election by the CDC government will be the recipe for chaos in the country.

“Ok and that will bring the government and the civilians into confrontation. So if I run for president and if it is rigged, I will lose both Senate and the Presidency,” Sen. Johnson said.
Told that as senators they too share the responsibility of the poor state of the country’s economy, Sen. Johnson said “we do our best. We advise. But you cannot take the horse to the river and force it to drink.” His comment suggests that the Executive Branch is said to be down playing advises from the Legislative Branch.He said one of the problems facing this government which has made it unpopular with the public is the delay in payment of salaries.

“If I were the President, I will prioritize salaries. Salaries put food on the people table. It makes the civil servants to buy things and the money goes around. But look at (us) the senators, for four months, we haven’t gotten pay. We have gone back to Taylor’s days.”
Asked if he was disappointed with the current administration, Johnson answered in the affirmative.

“I am disappointed because my people are crying. A cup of rice in Nimba County is expensive. The price of a bag of rice is so high. So if you want us to vote for you we are prepared, but the first term we are crying then we must continue to cry on the second term?” he queried.
He said this is where the problem of the government would come from because if the current state of affairs continues up to 2023, many people would vote against the regime.

“That cry when we continue up to 2023, it will make us to change our mind because I won’t be stupid to come to Nimba County and say let’s vote for the same people aah, they will throw me out”.He then alleged that the 2017 elections were also rigged in favor of the Coalition and that he refused to make such a claim and kept quiet because he knew what was unfolding but did not say what.

“I tell you, there was a massive rigging during this gone election. My school, looks at my children here who came to sing-my wife and myself went to my school to vote, I didn’t get one vote from there. So my wife betrayed me? Ehn, I betrayed myself?
(Whether he took the issue to NEC) “I careless because I knew what happened, so I remain quiet,” he added amidst laughter.

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