I Differ with H.E President Weah on AFL’s Hospital Project

Liberians are beginning to feel a tiny fraction of some developmental proposals being pushed by H.E. President Weah in fulfillment of his government operational theme: “Poor Pro-Government” initiatives. But H. E. Weah will need to be very circumspect how he chooses his plans regarding certain priorities that will not amount to a popular outcry in Liberia. We know that most Presidents often decide what they want to do for their people which is not a bad idea, but equally so, there are other most urgent and important priorities for the people of Liberia than the erection of a Military Hospital. Already the government is virtually incapable to maintain the upkeep of the JFK, how then can the government erect a new hospital, Mr. President?

When H.E President Weah uses his usual phrase: “Pro-Poor Government” that is fine, because, every administration has what is called a governmental operational theme(s). The erection of a Military Hospital for members of the Armed Forces of Liberia, AFL is a very resourceful idea but is it necessary now in support of the “Poor Pro-Government” deliverables? The answer is no!! But other questions arose: Is the Military Hospital an urgent priority for such a very tiny population when the government has no fund? Are the 4,000-strong soldiers dying from some strange diseases that warrant the erection of a Military Hospital for them that cannot be treatable at JFK or Ganta Hospitals or even at their usual Army barrack clinic?

Are the AFL’s soldiers coming from war front with wounded soldiers and they cannot be accommodated at the JFK or the Ganta Hospital? Or do they really have any special medical needs that can only be treated at their own private Hospital? Is H.E President Weah wants to seek favor from the AFL so that they will not think about overthrowing his government in the future, therefore he has to please them erecting a Military Hospital in their honor? Is it because Ghana and Nigeria have Military Hospitals for their soldiers, therefore, the AFL will need theirs under H.E. President Weah’s government?

No matter what the motivations are behind this rationale, it is very good, but it not a priority right now in a country where, women, children, and babies are dying from childbirth and strange diseases in their thousands every second? With all due respect to H.E President Weah’s big time AFL hospital project. I differ with you him on this project. Projects coming from H.E President Weah should be appealing to the masses, not necessarily in support of the President ergo or desire just do anything in Liberia. The International community which includes France, the US and other wealthy countries will never spend a cent in building a hospital for army people in Africa, needless sponsored a hospital project for an AFL folks in Liberia some of whom used the 16-years civil wars to kill innocent Liberians directly and indirectly as they go with impunity in Liberia.

It would be an economic suicidal on the part of H.E President to allocate taxpayer dollars to erect this project. On the other hand, both the taxpayers and the international community will be happy to actually support a Women and Infant Hospital who are three-time Vulnerable and are dying in their thousands each month all over Liberia. Mr. President, know that every second, a child dies from either premature birth or some form of childhood diseases. A woman dies from childbirth each second in rural Liberia from diseases, this population will desire your urgent attention, Mr. President, rather than invest in an army whose hands are blood steamed from killing innocent Liberians 16-years ago.

The taxpayers and even Liberian in the diaspora will be willing to make their contributions to the erection of a Woman and Infant Hospital, rather than spend their hard cash on an army that has committed atrocities. Another way to please the AFL H.E President Weah for not overthrowing your administration is by putting more taxpayer money into their pockets or do all it takes to revamp, equip and improve the existing facilities at the AFL’s clinic in the barrack. The use of taxpayer funds on a useless project like the AFL’s Hospital can amount to what is called: “technical corruption Mr. President.”

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