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I’m prepared to fight back

Joshua Milton Blahyee a.k.a. “General Butt Naked” is preparing for another round of war in Liberia, but this time around, he vowed to specifically target politicians who will want to exploit the vulnerable youth of the country to ascend to power.

Blahyee, now an evangelist and Chief Executive Office of Journey Against Violence, said he’s prepared to strongly fight back at any one politician or stakeholder who would use the youth of Liberia through arms violence to champion his or her political ambition.

“I am willing to fight back at anyone wanting to use the youth of Liberia to accomplish his or her political sojourn,” he told this paper in an interview on Sunday, 27 November. According to him, he would wage a very strong fight spiritually, physically or thru whatever means to enable him to get such person (s) out of Liberia, vowing to give his life if that is what it would take.

During the interview held at a local church in Congo Town outside Monrovia, the ex-general of the disbanded rebels ULIMO-J noted that ahead of the 2017 presidential and representative elections, voters who have interest in an aspirant for the presidency or representative seat, would not wait or take time to understand or check the backgrounds of said person but go ahead in whatever way in ensuring that contestant wins without putting Liberia first.

“If you are nationalistic, patriotic and caring, you will think about others and not just yourself, Liberians need to put Liberia first in whatever they do,” he stressed. He urged Liberians to start thinking positively for the betterment of the country by tracing the backgrounds of those who they want to elect as their leader or leaders to know whether they are far from corruption, adding that doing so will help to deliver the country and its people from abject poverty.

Joshua Blahyee was a notorious fighter during the Liberian Civil War. He claimed to have acquired demonic powers that required him to face his enemies at the battlefront butt naked. Appearing before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission here, the ex-general narrated that he was chief priest in the demonic world from where he commanded immense power to deal with enemy forces. However, he claimed to have been converted thru the Holy Spirit, subsequently becoming an evangelist and picking up the Holy Bible to go into ghettoes to preach to young people, predominantly ex-fighters.

Joshua confessed that he was used by the devil to kill several individuals during the civil conflict, noting that when he got converted at the age of 25 years, and reflected on his past, he cried and regretted those brutal acts. “I regret wounding my brothers and sisters during the revolution time, and I continue to still bear the pain of my wrongdoings, he conceded.

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By Zee Roberts-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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