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“I stand by my word”

–Rep. Francis Nyumalin explains threat to declare elected offices vacant

Lofa County District 1 Representative Francis Sakila Nyumalin says he stands by his recent statement that the same authority that will nullify Lofa County’s decision to elect Brownie Samukai as senator will also be used to nullify all positions for the president, vice president, senators and representatives.

“Any attempt to dissolve the result of Lofa County or nullifying the decision of the people of Lofa County, the authority that will do it, we will use that same authority to nullify all other positions in the country from the President, Vice President, Senator [to the] Representative,” Mr. Nyumalin told the Plenary of the House of Representatives during an inquiry Tuesday, 23 March.

The House Plenary has sanctioned the inquiry based on a communication from Montserrado County District 16 Representative Dixon W. Seboe, seeking explanation from Nyumalin on the basis of his statement.
But Nyumalin tells members of the House of Representatives that he has no regret for the statement he made, adding: “I stand by my word.”

In Seboe’s communication to the House, he alleges that his colleague Nyumalin had asserted in a recording “that if Senator Elect Brownie Samukai is not certificated, all other elected positions from the President to representatives will be declared vacant and discussions that will lead to the formation of an interim government will begin.”

Further, Seboe narrates that judging from Liberia’s history since the 1990s, every situation that led to the formation of an interim government was on the basis of political destabilization and or overthrow of a legitimate sitting government.

“As such it is important that our colleague be made to explain to this plenary how his statement will be implemented,” Seboe says, reminding his colleagues that they are national leaders who have followers that can implement whatever they say.

However, Rep. Nyumalin in response to inquiry by his colleagues explains that the letter written by Rep. Seboe has serious misquotation in it, disclosing that his intention is not to form a rebel group or to go after government.

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The Lofa lawmaker explains that if the Supreme Court or the National Elections Commission is used to nullify the result of Samukai, they are going to use the same means to nullify all other elections.

According to Rep. Nyumalin, his statement was very clear and he thought the House would be asking him about the status of the issue with the executive, instead, there is a letter on the floor to investigate him.

House Plenary’s inquiry with Rep. Nyumalin comes days after the Lofa County representative was invited by the National Security Agency (NSA) for questioning over the same statement he made on a local radio station.Meanwhile the communication has been forwarded to the leadership of the House of Representatives.

By Bridgett Milton–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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