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I will not let you down

-Governor Tarlue assures Weah, kinsmen

The new Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia J. Aloysius Tarlue, assures his kinsmen from Grand Gedeh County and President George M. Weah that he would not let them down in the new post, vowing smooth working relationship while at the CBL in helping to bring about economic stability.

“Let me firstly thank you Mr. President for the confidence to designate me to serve as governor of the CBL, and I say to him that I will not let him down, but most importantly, I will not let the people of Grand Gedeh down”, he vows.

He spoke here Sunday, 29 December at the Good News Assembly of God Church in Sinkor, Monrovia where a group of Grand Gedeans under the banner, Concern Citizens of Grand Gedeh honored President George Weah for granting executive clemency to three of their kinsmen who were tried and convicted for treason by former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and for appointing him [Tarlue] at the CBL.

Governor Tarlue notes that while in the U.S. the people of Grand Gedeh fought from 2005 ‘till now for Weah to ascend to the Presidency, and “it is because of what they have done that got us to still be on their shoulders today.”

“My presence here is because of the struggle my people had gone thru; the incarceration and I will do [everything] to make Grand Gedeh proud.”

“To my fellow Grand Gedeans, the perception out there about us is that we are war mongers, but today I say we are not; we are peace loving and good people; we want to see the best of every Liberians; my going to the CBL will be lot of obstacles; it’s an entrenched system; people been there for long time, and we will break that clique in that system”, he adds.

He also vows to employ some his kinsmen, saying, “We will try to bring some of our people on board, and we will also try to bring all Liberians on board.”

On the release of his kinsmen, Governor Tarlue says though it was long overdue, but President Weah as a great leader, did a great thing.

Providing an over view of the honoring program, a member of the organizing committee Augustine P. Jolo explains that it all started in 2011 when their kinsmen were arrested under then President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for involvement in cross border attack into neighboring Ivory Coast.

He adds that immediately they started the advocacy, and upon taking over the leadership of the Concern Citizens of Grand Gedeh,it was intensified to the extend to telling the Ivorian Embassy that their ex-president would not enter Grand Gedeh “if our brothers are not set free.”

“As we continue the advocacy, others were free, and today the last three persons have been set free by President Weah.It’s against this backdrop that the young people of Grand Gedeh County thought it wise to thank the President and honor him for exercising his constitutional power.We think this is a victory not only for their families, but the entire county and its worth commending.”

Jolocontinues that another reason for honoring President Weah is for his fast sightedness in appointing one of their kinsmen Tarlue to head the Central Bank of Liberia.

He vows the people of Grand Gedeh will support President Weah no matter the circumstances, and Executive Governor Tarlue.

Receiving the honor on behalf of President Weah, Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee thanks the organizers for reciprocating, assures the President will appreciate it.By Lewis S. Teh–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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