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I will support developmental agenda only

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-Sen. Jonathan Sogbie

Newly elected Senator of River Gee County Jonathan Boy Charles Sogbie, vows to work in the interest of the people of River Gee and the country at large, saying, “I didn’t become senator for one county but for the interest of this country.”

“My work at the Liberian Senate is to support any developmental agenda that will be in the interest of our people, and not in the interest of the executive.”

Speaking Monday, 18 January on ‘Prime Morning Drive’ a live talk show, Senator Sogbie said despite being a member of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC) and by extension the Collaboration Political Parties, he will work and support any agenda that seeks the interest of the Liberian people generally.

According to him, he remains fully committed to supporting any agenda from the executive only if it is in the interest of the Liberian people, saying the issues are too many and should be placed in chronological order.

He says cardinal among many missing opportunities, are roads not only to River Gee, but the entire southeastern region, which continues to pose serious hardship to citizens.

Senator Sogbie notes that when people take risk to put their vehicles on the dilapidated roads to venture in business, they should profit, and that those who also purchase goods from the interior must equally benefit, which is not happening due to the road condition.

He says the deplorable state of the roads in the southeast, has led to hike in prices, adding that as an opposition lawmaker, “not everything the executive does will make you go on the contrary; though I belong to both the ANC, and the CPP but I’m working for the Liberian people and will do whatever is right or is being proposed by the executive even if the CPP doesn’t like it, I will support it.”

“We shouldn’t play game with our people, their lives matter most, the decision we make or refuse to make will hamper the lives of our unborn children and for me, I’m not going to play game simply because I don’t like you.”

Meanwhile, Senator Sogbie vows to resist anything that will want to induce him to twist his arm to go against the will and interest of the Liberian people, saying that such attitude will not happen in his service in the senate.Editing by Jonathan Browne

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