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IE Basketball Team To Resurface

The leadership-elect of the Invincible Eleven (IE) Majestic Sports Association has promised to reactivate the Basketball team of the club.


The basketball team of the club has been out of the Liberia Basketball Federation  league for the past three leagues seasons including the current one.

Though fans and supporters of the team have made lots of inquiries as to what has gone wrong with the team, neither the club administrators nor the players could say what exactly happened.

However, critics and analysts attributed the team’s absence from the past and present LBF league  to the lack of support on the part of the club’s administrators.

Well, the Richard Tolbert leadership elect of the club has promised to reactivate the team with all of the basic facilities it needs to win laurels, the sole intend of team’s participation in competitions.

Dr. Tolbert and four other officials of the club are expected to jump start the reactivation of IE basketball team and the acquisition of an office space with an initial amount of at lease US$135,000.00. The amount is expected to be raised this Saturday May 1, 2010 at the official induction ceremony of officers elect for four-year tenure.

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The officials elect have not been inducted into office since fans and supporters of the I E Majestic Sports Association on Saturday February 27 this year elected them for four year tenure.

Those to be inducted this Saturday are, Richard Vacanaret Tolbert President, Alfred Chie Sayon Vice President for Operation & Technical Services, Francois R. Junius Vice President for Administration, Jonathan Sogbie Vice President for Fan Clubs and Momolu V. O. Sirleaf Secretary General.


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